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February 20, 2005


Tommaso Dorigo

Hi Caolionn,
get well soon!

You remind me of a Gary Larson cartoon... There's
a chicken in bed and his mom is feeding him a soup.
So the caption goes:
"Quit complaining and eat it!
First of all, it's nobody we know, and second,
chicken soup is good for the flu!"...


Finbarr Quinlan

Hey Caolionn,
I'm writing from Ireland and I think you've the most irish sounding name I've seen in the US at least.
Anyway, I was looking at these quantum diaries and see you're at SLAC. Was wondering more about the research they are doing there in photodetectors?
Also, separately, whats it like living and studying there?
Have a good week.


Hi Finbarr,

I'm afraid I don't know about the research going on at SLAC into photodetectors - totally outside my field. I do have to say living and working in Northern California/SLAC totally rocks. If you are looking to study outside of Ireland, you should certainly look here. At the very least, we have better weather than you.

Yeah, I do think I might win the "most-Irish name in the US award", but you should see some of my cousins' names - they would give me a good running.

Good Luck.

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