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November 04, 2005



rick, is that a limit or a root?


Question: did he get at all into the question of distinguishing between the existence of dark matter/dark energy and our equation of gravity being wrong?

If you think you're outside your field of expertise, I'm a biochemist (among other things).


...is that some dark matter passing in front of one of the slides? Hmmm.....



As for the "smart jokes", after giving the same talk two dozen times you learn to tell your jokes right.


Loved the bit about cosmologists and make-up


In the '50s a famous female physicist (I think it was Lise Meitner) was scheduled to give a talk at MIT (or was is Caltech?) on Cosmology. The talk was advertised as one on Cosmetology.

Sorry about mussing up the details but I read this somewhere in passing.


Rob: Exactly. A nice overview of possible scenarios to explain the abundance of dark energy.

cvj: Dark matter in human form no less! Me being sneaky with the camera does not make for pretty pictures.

Brewtus: Thanks.

citrine: My favorite was when a dean from Harvard wrote a whole article on the school's advances in astrology, instead of astronomy - for the *whole* article.


Have you seen the latest info on the SuperNova Legacy Survey (SNLS)" results?

It appears the cosmological constand is actually a constant, which defeats a lot of theories. They only examined 71 of the distant supernovas, and as more data is evaluated, the uncertainty can be reduced by up to a factor of 3 from the current 10%.


No, Rob, I hadn't seen it. I will read the press release and hope to understand it (or, at least, a part of it). Thanks for the info.

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