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Steve Delchamps

Hi Debbie,

I'm enjoying reading these "quantum diaries."

I've been watching the web site that shows various
events recorded in the "far detector." Is there
a similar page for the "near detector?" (One of
my Panera Bread buddies was asking how you "detect
a neutrino," and I wanted to show him what a
typical neutrino event would look like in a large

Steve Delchamps

P.S. The Beam Neutrino Candidate on the far detector
web page is marked "Test!!!" Does that mean it is a
simulated event generated with test pulsers, or
does it mean that it is still under test at the
analysis level? In other words, is it an actual candidate event from the beam at Fermilab?


Hi Steve,

Thanks for reminding me to point people to the Far Detector Live event camera:


These are real honest to goodness events, although they are all from cosmic rays, not from the neutrino beam from Fermilab. When we're running full speed we might see an event from a beam-induced neutrino every 10 hours (or more?), not every few seconds.

You can see several near detector events in the talk that John Urheim gave in Aspen this year--go to slides 31-33 in the file


We haven't been running full speed yet, so we couldn't have seen any neutrinos from the beam in the far detector yet. But believe me, when we see one you'll hear all about it!

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