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Those stories are horrible! A maternity leave rumour mill website is a good idea. For the record, workers who plan on being parents are much better off in Canada. Mother and father combined can take 89 weeks of leave. The first 52 are paid at 50% normal salary (to a max of $400/week). The second 37 are unpaid leave.

I just finished my 13 weeks of unpaid leave. My wife received 93% of her pay while she took 52 weeks leave - she works for the federal government.

My bosses at Carleton were very understanding and supportive of my leave.

Honestly, 6 weeks maternity leave sounds like something out of the dark ages...


Thanks for writing here, David--you bring up another issue, which is how well employers accept the fact that fathers want to spend time with their new children as well. A friend of mine while working at Fermilab encountered disbelief (followed by refusal) when he asked to work from home one day a week after his son was born!

Gordon T Watts

Wow. Amazing.

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