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Being a single female, in my late 20s, living in NY, and although not a physicist but working in a scientific field, I have to say that I relate a lot more to Dowd's article than Pollitt's.
There's a lot I could write about, but I'll just remark on your comment on women "dumbing down" their intelligence. When I go out and meet a new guy and we get to that inevitable part of the conversation where we talk about jobs, the first thing out of every guys mouth after telling them what I do has been, "Wow, really?" And then they look at me like I have 5 heads. If I didn't have a sterotypically "smart" job, I'd think I'd be in a much different place right now with regards to dating/etc.


Dear Hugkhs,

Thanks for writing--actually, you are not the first woman to tell me I am living in a fantasy world as far as who's telling the more accurate story, Dowd or Pollitt (at least on the "intelligence is not sexy" front). The whole thing seems very anti-Darwinian to me...

Wishing I had a more cheery response,

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