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January 12, 2005


tommaso dorigo

Hmmm so you start on one end and when you are at the
other end you go back ? I prefer the Tevatron: it's a ring, 4 miles long. You start at any point, the panorama keeps changing (as you turn), and when you're done you're back when you started!

That's more or less the different phylosophy of proton-antiproton collisions and electron-positron collisions: antiprotons are hard to produce, and you recycle them by having them go round and round the same circle for hours at a time. But positrons, on the other hand, it's easy to create by the zillion, and you allow them one single trip down your accelerating strip, then they
get a single chance to collide with an electron: if they miss, they go to the dust bin. Poor fellows!


a very nice place to live and do research

jim french

Just wondering - as a young physicist, do you ever find yourself thinking about a relation between physics and the Bible? If so, what might that be. I would be interested not only for myself, but for my students in Philosophy of Religion as well. Stumbled on this site quite by accident. Was looking for work about the Guttenberg Bible and there was a link to Fermilab's educational resources. Don't know the connection.
Thanks, Jim French

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