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February 22, 2005



Don't get mad, get even.
You can learn how to have fun with Coke machines at

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affilliated with the above web site, nor do I in any way condone the behavior described therein.

little miss demosthenes

awww, im sorry. i remember last year when i raced down the Really Really Long Hallway [RRLH] in my school to get a pack of tropical skittles, and they were JUST GETTING RID OF THE MACHINE. i was furious! first of all, i was already late for tennis conditioning, and second of all, that was the third time i tried to get skittles and couldn't. i tried twice in some other public area beside my school. the machine was either broke, or it wouldn't accept my crummy dollar. screw the machines, and just buy a pack of diet cokes in a supermarket... though you might be tempted to down it all.


I know the machine! The whole conversion over to the 20oz bottles is a big conspiracy to force us to spend the additional $0.50 and rot our teeth that much more quickly. One time too many facing the empty can rows and even empty rows for Coke in bottles with only the nasty beverages remaining reminded me to bring in my own twelve pack. Wonder what it would take to get them to supply the mini-cans? Don't even get me started on the stupidity of the location in the sun, melting the chocolate in the candy machine and forcing the refrigeration to burn up that much more energy to keep the beverages ice cold.

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