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March 15, 2005




Good luck for the meeting, I hope it goes well and you get the funding you're asking for :)

oh, and I love the "Emergency Exit Only" sign on the window!

little miss demosthenes

curious. our pbl project is to get funding for our school, or "understand our cash flow and better improve it", in the words of our teacher. these days, junior and senior highs are deprived of the money needed to man them. like claire said, i hope you get the funding you need. good luck =)

ps: how's that thesis coming along? ;)



thomas barton

I would encourage you and your cohorts to form a PAC at a national level and/or Identify and support financially the key Congressional chairs such as Appropriations and The Rules committees --I forget their formal name..These Chairs wield enormous power over everything in the Federal Budget and they often place money in Supplementals for those people who are seen as friends in the Real World of politics where money talks and, let's say, friendly talk, WALKS. Anyone over the age of 40 who deals with congressional funding should have no illusions as to the mechanics of the Beltway. I hope you see the main gallery at the Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian. It is a breathtaking sight and one marvels that puny, flawed creatures known as Homo Sapiens could create such wonderful machines of the sky. Enjoy the sights.


Wow, that sounds like an extremely cool thesis distraction. Have fun!

L. A. Dockman

Basic research that is done now becomes applied science
in 20 years.
Without research, we will have no new technology to apply.

Look at your car as a research tool.
If you change the oil every 3000 miles
it will cost a modest sum but the money you spend today
will keep your car/research project healthy long into the future.
Or you can save the money today and have big problems in the future.
"You can pay me a little now or you can pay me alot later
and later is going to cost you a lot more the you want to spend".

I do not understand the President's thinking on not funding of basic research.
While in the Texas Air Nationa guard, he flew
the F-102, clearly a dated aircraft at the time.
The basic research that was going on at the time lead to
the advanced aircraft that we have today.
Advances in material science have given us carbon fiber composits airframe parts and new super alloys for the hot sections on jet engines. It has given us a tremendous leap in avionics such as the new fire control radars.
Aircraft of today have aviionics that make the systems on the F-4 Phantom
seam like something out of the stone age.(I know I am dateing myself)
If we dont stay a first rate research nation because of lack of funding, there are many countries that would love to take our place.
In 20 years do you want to be driving around in a gas hog suv that is based on 2005 technology - I dont think so. Do you want to fly on a 2005 Boeing 737 that is stuck in a 2005 time warp?
The 737 is a wonderfull aircraft but in 20 years we will want a more fuel efficient, safer and better aircraft to take us were we want to go. If we cant build them because of lack of basic research, I am sure that the French and the China aerospace industries will be more then happy to sell us there aircraft.

Washington politics is driven by money and fear.
Money to get re-electedand and to build projects in their own States. These projects do not require merit, they only have to look good.
Fear drives these people too.
If they are precived to be ignoring serious subjects such as R&D by the voting public they will fear the loss of an election.
If they do fund a project that becomes a momey maker than they will expect campagin donation.
Political clout is always on sale in Washington
WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT, funding R&D or trying to find out if Sammy Sousa took steriods.
What a joke and a waste of time at our expense.
I know of no line in the constution that appoints Congress the watch dog of our National Pastime.
If Baseball has a proplem, then it's up to Baseball to solve it. It's not up to some grandstanding Rep.
looking to get some face time on the nightly news.
It is sad to say but many of these people consider
the first duty of there ofice is to themselves, not to the Nation.
The political animal does respond to pressure.
The more orginized and power of the pressure the more they will respond.
If you are involved in the R&D business, as I am, then you must take action. leters asking for individual grants just won't hack it.
You need to go on line and find out who are the
chairmen of the various committies that control funding.
You need to involve as many people as you can.
Find out what he needs; he needs campagin money
Let him know you will support him when your funded R&D
efforts start to make money. Do not be shy about this.
These people play "hardball" and so must you.
If you want to get a hit, you have to swing the bat.
If you are not prepared to stand tough, all you will get is a handshake and a fake smile with a face full of capped teath under his blow dryed implanted mop.
If he is unresponsive, drag him out for all to see him in a negative light.
Congressmen fear the press. If you approach newspapers
TV and Radio journalist in a reasoned way they can bring great pressure to bare on any politician. Once the reporters smell blood, they will attack.
To sum it up, Washington does not respond to the merit
of a project but it does respond to political power and puplic openion. You have to be as ruthless s they are.
As one friend inside the beltway told me,
"even the trafic lights are political around hear".

If you have ideas, share them with the rest of us.

Best wishes to all,
L.A. Dockman

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