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March 01, 2005



Found your blog today and was quite interested to see comments about women in physics. While I was in grad school I got involved briefly in trying to get the dept to think a bit more about some of those issues, with little success. Anyway, I've always kept an eye out and was interested when I came up with this:


The above list is notable for a couple of reasons.

1) The most highly cited high-energy physicist over the last 5 years is not only a woman, but also from Harvard...

2) Other than Lisa Randall, there are very few other women on the list.

Of course our citation data is inaccurate for many reasons, most of which are pointed out on that page, but they can still capture trends.

Anyway, thought I'd mention it.


Thanks, Travis, very cool. I looked at the site, but I didn't see where on the page the inaccuracies are listed. Am I blind or are they hidden?


Re: "... but I didn't see where on the page the inaccuracies are listed."

Click "2004 Author List Home" near the top of the page and then "usual disclaimers" to get to this page:



Ahhh, I see. Thank you, Carlos.


Is the NY Times making a subtle commentary on the amount of time it takes to finish grad school by representing doctorates with what appears to be a woman in a hoop skirt? ^_^


LoL! I just love the way it starts out representing girls in miniskirts for bachelors! So obviously written by someone who has never attempted a phys lab in a miniskirt!

Anyway, in my final (4th) year BSc class, there were 5 boys and 2 girls, and between lectures we always played very destructive games of baseball, cricket and rugby, not to mention occasionally running into the blackboard when the stress got really bad. Needless to say, skirts were not feasible classroom attire.


Yeah, I don't know what's going on with the mini/hoop-skirt transformation. I think the NYT art department took a little creative license in making the chart, since I have rarely seen a female physicist in a skirt at work. Well, at least they didn't give her high heels.


At least, girls in science careers benefit from a total absence of "attire stress", compared to laws, economics etc

little miss demosthenes

perhaps its a stereotype thing, though a less common one. girls belong in skirts, period, because it's "cute" [aka, MARY SUE, as we say in the world of fanfic] to do experiments in miniskirts.

i *would* show and not tell by linking you to a particularly disgusting fanfic in which the authoress incorperates herself in the story [all flaws stripped, leaving only the unimaginative 2-dimensional character], but i can't find it, as there are too many of these types of ugly fantasies lurking around.

one moment she's spouting "quantum physics" [the authoress, again, seems untrained in the field she is blabbering about], and the next moment she does this "cute reflex" and says in a "cool manner" that she needs to reapply her lipstick.


i mean, nothing wrong with being fashionable && smart, but there is something as being TOO cute, or repulsive. a lot of people think they're cool, when really they're commiting either a faux pas or are making a pathetic fool out of themselves.

but, enough of that side. maybe it's about being pregnant. to quote from a radio commercial, "there IS such a thing as being a little bit pregnant".

which is the case with the bachelors. one-night stand, etc. then when you progress with your masters, you get into these deep affairs and.. yeah. by your doc, your secret affair is *really* showing, like literally, and...

whatever, i think my attempt to shed some humor into this has failed. i am going to shut up.


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