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April 24, 2005



Having had an encounter with a small number of geese and ducks once when I was young, I can fully sympathize with your situation. And those wild turkeys can be very wiley, which probably explains why they're still alive and not sitting on someone's thanksgiving dinner plate. (and is it a sign of how much work with graphs and diagrams you've been doing, that you included the little 'not to scale' warning? *grin*)


I sympathize, Caolionn. When I was a young boy, I was chased up a tree by a wild New England turkey. Being nearly the same size as that beast didn't put me in a positive offensive position, so I did all I could to get up high. While they may not be "evil incarnate" -- let's reserve that honor for spiders, please -- big birds can be an ornery lot.


HAHAHAHAHA! I think most of us have had the unfortunate experience of being chased by some kind of angered animal. Although we ended up developing some unnatural phobia from our experiences, it sure makes for some good comedy. You should have titled this blog "Physicist gets chased by evil turkey incarnate!" Thanks for the good laugh this Monday morning Caolionn.


This one time in kindergarten, we (being the class) were at a petting farm of some sort. I had popcorn that I was allowed to feed to them. I happened to come across a goat and proceeded to feed it. Not wanting to waste of all of my feed on a stupid goat, I decided to stop and walk away. The goat was having none of that. It decided to back me up at a considerably intimidating pace (I was only 5) and was able to bully the rest of my feed away for its own devourment.

I don't much care for goats.


I've never run away from edible fowl, but I have been in the opposite situation. Chickens are f*@$ing hard to catch! :)


I am so happy to know I am not the only nutter with ridiculous phobias.

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