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April 25, 2005



Great FAQ! I'm glad to hear that you and your colleages are not crackpots. ;)

In case you need some procrastination material, let me see if I've got the "ultra-relativistic" part right. As I understand it, when you try to accelerate a particle at classical speeds, virtually all the energy you add goes into increasing the particle's velocity. As the particle approaches the speed of light, though, more and more of the energy you add goes into increasing the particle's mass. Conversely, when relativistic particles lose energy, they mostly lose mass rather than slow down. Is that right? (Or at least close enough? ^_^)


Now I recall where I have seen your name. You were interviewed in Symmetry magazine recently. I found that article quite interesting..

What is your opinion of the laser approach? It seemed to show a few complications..extra laser units staged into a link...the spreading out of the wake as the laser pulse spreads as well..only working over short distances..

What is the laser advantage, if any?

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