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May 25, 2005



Hi.... You could have had more eco-ammunition for your side of the war. Even the locals seem to be unaware of it, but there's actually a *subway system* in Los Angeles! You could indeed have lived in Los Feliz (which, as you know, is indeed the coolest neighbourhood by far) and taken the subway to Pasadena. Red line and Gold line. Oh well, Pasadena's not so bad though, but come see us in the cool parts of town! -cvj


Congrats on your new home. Hopefully your BF won't have to hear to much whining. After the pictures it doesn't look like it.


Wow, the new place looks great (but, we all thought you HATED to cook...)!


CVJ: Where the hell were you and this information earlier? Damn it. Oh well, it looks like I am going to have to come 'round Los Feliz and just pretend I live there.

Helge: I am a girl. I am sure I can find *something* to complain about when the occasion calls for it (but don't tell the BF that).

Kevin: Granted I am not much of the cook, but I am the cleaner and did you notice the beautiful, nice and shiny dishwasher?! And, who knows, I may even be inspired to cook with such a bad-ass kitchen.


Hi again. Well, I did not mention it since I did not know you needed the ammo. Anyway, Pasadena's a great place to live, if you actually work there. Futhermore, given that as young postdocs you will likely be wanting to regularly work late in the lab (well, they used to do that in my day), it is better to be living close to lab than having to change two trains to get home when you want to crash after a hard day. When you actually want to par-tay, it is then you head out to the fun parts of town. So you probably got things the right way around. -cvj


I'm with you on this one Caolionn, Pasadena is hell boring. I spent a few months there and nearly died of boredom.

Though, Caltech throws parties every couple of weeks for postdocs and postgrads where all the booze is free. I thought this was pretty cool. I also found out it was a great way to meet Australians and Irish people working at Caltech, something to do with free alcohol I guess.

You should definitely try "The Colorado", on Colorado Blvd. I was told by many that "it was a dive", then on my last weekend there I went to the pub and found it was one of the most fun places in Pasadena. The bartender is considered by many to be very offensive, but I thought he was hilarious. Again, might be an Australian thing.

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