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May 13, 2005


little miss demosthenes

yay! congrats!

-demie ^^


Too bad about missing the SNS tour - and hearty congratulations on winning the post-doc position at Cal-Tech!

Mosquitos can be a problem 'round these here parts but not as bad as further south. You'll probably take home a welt or three.

Take Care and Good Luck!



Congrats!!! Caltech is fun... well in a geeky way anyway. The margaritas at "Amigos" are awesome, at least I think it's Amigos, it's been a while and I wasn't exactly sober...

Anyway, find a quantum information theory person and try to swing an invite to "quantum margarita night". They have one at Amigos every second Wednesday.


Congratulations! To both you and Sam. Caltech is a great place, you couldn't have done much better.

Bob Pease

Congradulations! It's good to hear someone is being rewarded for her efforts...her very good efforts..


More congrats coming your way.. from Down Unda! Well done both of you! I'm a casual reader of you blog down in Melbourne. Sean is right.. Caltech is an awesome place (well, you know more than I do about it, eh!! :) ). Wrap up this thesis (and all the best with it), and off to Caltech!


Wow, that's fantastic, congratulations! And to Sam as well :)
Good luck with the rest of your thesis, talk about motivation!


Congratulations on the postdoc! You will find that nothing gets your butt in gear to finish writing like having a job waiting for you at the finish line. I found that my writing output doubled once I had signed the offer letter.

Dave Bacon

"Caltech" with a small "t"! Sorry, my seven years at Caltech make me a nervous wreck of sensitivity on this subject.

Congrats on the postdoc.


Whooooo! Congrats!!!! And it's great that you and Sam found jobs in the same place! ^_^


Thanks all! Much appreciated.
And Dave B. thanks for saving me future gaffes.


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