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July 11, 2005



Dr. C--

Finally, I understand what Eve meant when she called Gwen Stefani a "Harajuku girl."

I don't agree with it, but I understand it.


Yes...Maps upside down! This happened to me in South Korea too! I thought I was suffering the effects of jetlag, since I normally have a good sense of direction and was just getting spectaularly screwed up when I consulted the 'helpful' street maps. Then it clicked into place. Good Luck! -cvj

Gordon Stangler

Dr. C,

As someone who has been to Japan before, allow me to give you this bit of advice about raw food:

Raw Food + Alcohol = Good Health.
Raw Food + No Alcohol = Bacterial Colitus (Intestinal Inflamation)

PS: Grab a JR card if you have not done so yet. They really help when going around the city. Also, Asahii is good. ^_^


Hi Caolionn.
I wonder how much you paid
to get the tuna bowl. (600 yen?)
I grew up in Tokyo, but never
been to Tsukiji so I have no idea.

aalu paneer

for the ignorants ... "Harajuku girl" ... means?


* "Helpful" and "street maps" don't really belong together here. This is partially due to the fact that I don't read Japanese characters.

* May I never know what really Bacterial Colitus means, here or anywhere.

* I think it was about 600 yen. It was tuna sashimi and other unknown fish with rice. I have been doing a lot of pointing and hoping for the best here. Tsukiji is definitely worth a trip.

* Harajuku is a neighborhood just north of Shibuya. All the young, hip kids of Tokyo hang there. All of them with very unique styles. I believe Stefani has made a lot of style choices based on the teenagers hanging in that district.


asahi? nah - go for Sapporo. see the Land Gate while you're in Japan. at low tide it's on land, at high tide it's in the water. legend has it that the first rays of sunlight passed through that gate.

Graceson Parsons

You had a typographical error in the second paragraph first sentence. I like your journeys.

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