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July 20, 2005



Um, I have nothing to say to this.


Hi Caolionn, my name is Michael and I'm a Harry Potter fan.

I pre-ordered with Amazon.uk using a gift certificate that I received as a going-away present from my old group when I left to start my postdoc here in Austria.... This was a mistake... I don't know what I was thinking. It still hasn't arrived!!! It is for sale at every bookstore in town, everyone in my new group is reading it and I'm still waiting. You wouldn't think it would take so long to travel 1000 km but Amazon says it does. To top it off, my last Amazon purchase seems to have been lost somehow by the Austrian post - I don't know what I'll do if they lose my Harry.

Have you read Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal"???

max romanov

greetings fellow potter-fan,

nothing to be ashamed about being potter-fan and a physicist: there are rumours that a certain nobel-prize winner stopt his research for two whole days just to finish harry potter VI (it's probably not true, but i like the idea. so if there are any nobel-prize winners out there who did, speak up!!). i myself came back from holidays two days ago (was at a jazz festival in perugia, italy: if you like jazz, go there and you'll have the most unique jazz-experience ever); after twelve hours of travelling i was dead tired, but somebody had bought me the latest harry potter and i couldn't resist the temptation, the urge and started to read. anyhows i finished the book yesterday, and i must say that this time the story makes you wonder even more what's going to happen in the next book than usual. and you'll never believe who's going to die at the end of the book! am saying nothing, so enjoy!




Hi Caolionn,

Miss you here at SLAC. Happy to hear you are having a blast.

I was one of the crazy people at the bookstore at midnight to get the new Harry Potter book. I used my niece as the excuse to be there, but really, it was me. I wanted to be one the first to get their hands on the newest tale. We'll have to compare theories when you return.


Aaron F.

"Yes, I wanted to go the store at midnight."

Several of my friends are Harry Potter campers, so that doesn't bother me too much.

"Yes, I was even thinking about knitting a gold and maroon scarf for the occasion."

I have seen photos of one of said friends in a full Merlin costume, complete with star-spangled cloak and tall pointy hat, so that doesn't bother me too much either.

"Imagine my excitement to find Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on sale in Bangkok, in English and even cheaper than in the States."

See? Buying it the day after *totally* beats camping out! My family got its communal copy at Meijer for 40% off.

"Also ... I have theories."

My pet theory is that Dumbledore and Voldemort are the same person, but it's becoming less plausible every year.

So don't worry... Harry Potter mania is a disorder that affects millions of people, and most of them are able to enjoy perfectly normal lives.

I mean, *relatively* normal.

Happy reading! ;)

Gordon T Watts

I was at CERN when this came out -- there were lines at the local bookstore. Like an idiot, I didn't wait. I don't own the books, but I do have the audio books. This one is next as soon as my current (awful awful awful) one if finished (http://qd.typepad.com/4/2005/07/dirty_reading.html)


I find it intriguing that Rowling has been able to create a virtual reality based on magic much the same way that we base ours on science. For instance, we use a flashlight (with batteries) while they merely use a wand and utter "lumos". Even Mr. Weasley expresses a desires to know how planes fly (it seems they're not acquainted with Bernoulli's principle), but oh well...

Just a fascinating alternate universe concept.

-signed an obsessed muggle...and don't forget a round of butterbeer, thankyou!


Hi Caolionn, my name is Joanna and I am without a doubt a Harry Potter Fan.

First thing, I don't think that you are crazy at all for the whole "Let's postpone the trip untill the book comes out." I would have done the same thing. I went at midnight and stayed up all night to finish the book. I wouldn't recommend doing that, but it was fun; and since then I have already re-read the book. Just to let you know the end of the book is very sad and you will most definitely need a box of tissues. I cryed non-stop and am wearing black for mourning.
I have tons of theories as well and I would look forward to hearing what yours are.
As well, I found this book called "Harry Potter and Science" and it tells you how all the magic used can be explained in terms of advanced science.
Very intresting.
I am sure that you would like it.
I absolutley love Harry Potter and it seems that my life would be incomplete without it.

Happy reading ,


AHHH - Who is this R.A.B?! This character must have been mentioned in a previous volume. She wouldn't just make up a new character out of thin air? Would she? And here I am without my other volumes to reference. I know the hard-core out there must have already done this. Any leads?

And the ending ... I almost went through a whole box of tissue. Lots of tears and, honestly, I am not the boo-hoo-ing type. So very, very sad.

Also one of my theories: I think Dumbledore and Harry are related in some way. Remember the howler Dumbledore sent his Aunt Petunia - "Remember My Last"? Also the family tree at Sirius's house? There was much discussion about how many of the wizards are related. Just a thought. Okay, I will stop now.

p.s. Mick - Amazon, whenever they are truly needed, always fail me. It is when you don't care that it actually shows up when it is supposed to.

p.p.s. So happy to know I am not alone in my obsession.


I don't like how Harry Potter throws himself in front of a train at the end. Total ripoff of Anna Karenina.



This could be Sirius' brother, Regulus Black who joined the Death Eaters, but was killed because I think he tried to leave them.

If he indeed discovered Voldemort's secret and You-Know-Who knew that he knew, then he most certainly wouldn've been killed.

But perhaps he's not really dead after?!!!

For more discussions on many a theory, there's always:



mick, they did a similar thing to me with HP5 - they didn't deliever it for weeks and weeks... even though I'm in the UK!

The problem was, they'd only credited part of my payment to my account, even though I was down on the records as having paid the full amount... it took THREE phone calls to get it sorted out, and by then, a friend had already blabbed the ending, so I wasn't best pleased.

I shall never pre-order from them again

Gordon Stangler

Re: Amazon.com

Amazon never ships anything out in time. It's part of their plan to make lots of money. They bill you, but never ship it, then claim they did.
Either that, or they ship it (things like Christmas Presents) two months late.

Yes, I'm bitter.

Re: Harry Potter
Count me in as a fanboy. ^_^

Geoff Cope

Hi Caolionn -

Next time mania hits, buy yourself some Kay Redfeld Jamison books, dial up Nirvana's Lithium on your i-pod and re-read your C.S. Lewis in anticipation. Works everytime!

Take care,

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