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August 25, 2005


cc. d.

I was there with our beloved Dr. C when she took this picture. I proposed ways make this photo more entertaining, but they were deemed by her to be "inappropriate" and "You're an idiot."

m. visaya

a ft. KNOX


I second whatever motion cc.d. made that was deemed "You're an idiot."


I didn't read really : One american woman met this weekend (San Francisco) confirmed to me that my english was ... perfect.. She said that Scientists "talk above your head" with the gesture.

So i am desesperated by your jargon. But i noticed that somebody is idiot.

As usual: without i believe demonstration: So dear young madam, why a girl can laugh of a boy or a man asking to her for the marriage. And why a boy who would talk of one girl saying niet ( in more serious conditions you described it)would seem more ridiculous in 2005?. Somebody will retain that it was not niet: i changed the langage for private reasons. Waiting your action now!!!!I changed the epoch too.


This picture was just too funny. My sides hurt.

They could have just named it "Mistress Heather's Domain".


"Mistress Heather's Domain" - that would most certainly deserve a picture - maybe even a peek through the window.


really, it's a nice place for your new appliance...

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