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October 06, 2005



you would never appreciate a simple toss coin the same way again... (RBK-494)


Hi Caolionn,

This just brought to mind Mark Jen, the (in)famous fired Google blogger:


I think his case was one of the first to bring this issue into some serious legal light.

He's still at it though:


But I think you've done the right thing in light of your new employer.

Discretion is always best default.

Gordon Stangler

Dr. C,

I just want to say that you are doing a wonderful job blogging, it does beat listening to the constant droning on that others tend to do.

I think your blog is a lot of fun to read, and I think you should get a monkey to type it for you once. ^_~

One a semi-not-really-serious note, have you met Murray Gell-Mann, or anyone else that is really well known yet? You should get their autographs. (If you ever get the chance, Gell-Mann is a hoot to talk to.)

On a more serious note, are you accepting grad students, or do you know/ work with anyone who is? I would like to attend CalTech for grad school, but no one has E-mailed my back yet about having posts for a grad student. (I think they all know my chances of getting in are nil, nothing, nix, zip, and slim-to-none.) *holds out a handful on notes* I can kinda do Quantum 1/f. *grins*

Well, anyhoo, I really like your blog, and I hope you are having fun writing it.


does anyone understand m.visaya ? Most of his/her posts are puzzling. Reminds me of listening to Joy Division.

Gordon Stangler


Personally, I get the feeling that m.visaya and claire.beautrix (or whatever it is) are high quality spam AI. They are bots that surf the net looking for blogs, then they post messages with links to whatever wares they are selling. Except here, there are no URLs.

I could be wrong, however.


Well, this AI bot's seems to have its own webpage:


This URL was attached to one of its posted usernames.

a little creepy...a "ghost in the shell"?

Gordon Stangler


Interesting. We could get into all sorts of strange metaphysical/ philisophical discussions about this, but it is most interesting indeed.
The internet as a living organism... The very thought warps my fragile little mind...


I'd always thought that claire bertiaux sounded like one of those Markov chaining spambots. Completely incomprehensible, but they use the article text as a guide, so they look like they're vaguely on-topic :)

Andrew Zug

On the more practical side: Looking for good sandwich shops? Some suggestions...

Personally I like Togos for normal sandwich fair (mainly because they're convenient and their pastrami sandwiches are huge.) There's one on the west side of Lake just north of Del Mar. For falafels, try Zankou's on the south side of Colorado just west of Holliston (so-so falafels, but they are really close and have great hummus. They also famous for their rotisserie chicken.) For something a little more unusual, try a vietnamese bakery/sandwich shop called Bale in Alhambra. I forget the exact address, but it's something like 1700 S. Atlantic Blvd: it’s on the east side, just south of Valley (it's in a little strip mall behind a fast food place - a Carl’s Jr, I think. Look for a sign that says “Ba ^ Le” where the “^” is a picture of the Eiffel tower :-). They serve sandwiches on great crusty baguettes, heavy on vegetables and light on meat. They also have really tasty pork pies.


Gordon Stangler

Dr. C,

According to http://www.its.caltech.edu/%7Espinphys/students2005.html
you are a postdoctoral scholar. I guess that means you cannot accept students?
If so, sorry for the buggery.

I didn't think about that, but yeah, it makes sense. I wonder if this could be an example of internet (bot) thinking, or learning? Although, if this was learning, she would have to refer back to a previous post, to show recollection.



Hello. May I ask, how did you decide, "physics is for me"? Did you always know you had a turn for math even though you didn't like doing it in school? Whenever you get the time. Many thanks.


solargirl: I had no idea about Mark Jen. I am happy to know I am overly cautious for good cause.

Gordon: Yeah, sorry I am not helpful on the grad school front. I think you have to go through the application process and then once through that hoop, you can start looking for labs. At least, I think that is how Caltech works.

kellstrom: Not a clue.

AZ: Awesome. Thanks for the restaurant recs. I am *always* looking for good food.

Vosh: I didn't think of physics as a career until my Junior year in college. I chose to major in physics more for the flexibilty it would give once I gaduated than for any love of doing problem sets. My Junior year is when I really discovered the fun one can have in the lab. Then I was convert.


I love physics labs :) Thay always have the coolest stuff to play with. Though I've heard chemistry labs are pretty neat-o as well.

Well, not learning as such, it's just an algorithm. I read there was one that trolled around usenet back in the day.


Mr. Baguette's in Rosemead. They serve excellent Vietnamese sandwhiches.

As for pastrami, it is a little far but Langer's has some of the best. I swear they must cut that pastrami with a machette. I've heard good things about Johnny's Pastrami but haven't been there. The Hat in Alhambra also has good pastrami, or so I'm told, I haven't tried it. Their hamburgers are quite good.

Togos is a decent chain and when you can find one it will do in a pinch, so I agree with Andrew on that one.

And for something different try Pinks Hot Dogs, but like Langers that is a bit far as well.


Steve: I just learned there is city named Rosemead minutes from home. I had no clue. Thank you for informing me. I will now have to visit and eat at Mr. Baguette.


Another place to get yummy fast food (though not snooty sandwiches like the others) is Top (Tops?). I *think* it's on Colorado towards Rosemead, but it's been long enough that I don't remember exactly.
That and Connell's which I never went to, until this year - an awesome diner-sort of place, way north on Hill, or thereabouts.


Yeah, more recommendations! I should just asked y'all in the first place.

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