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November 02, 2005



Sounds like city ran off of materialism and vanity. I have only been to L.A. once, and I would like to keep it that way.
You should visit San Francisco some day. Its the complete opposite (for the most part).
I'm sad to admit that I voted for Arnie. My logic was that he was the lesser of two evils. I mean hell, he fought evil forces in the movies, how bad can the guy be?
I'm sorry to say that I live in Sacramento. The only good thing about Sacramento is that Lake Tahoe and San Francisco are only an hour and a half away.


Damn, I miss LA...

Wait, no I don't. I hated it there! About the only thing I liked about LA was the Mexican food...


drinking and driving is what real people call loose canon or better yet just a drunk person with an assault rifle. but then again, is that really dumb or fire being cooked? this way to the beach...(rer-227)


My dear, dear,
Great City of Angels, why do people hate you?
Is it because you are a Lady?
Maybe they don't like the sound of your voice,
The color of your hair.
The hills over Hollywood twinkle
at night,
An artificial blanket,
(That's not a REAL diamond veil!)
Posing like the REAL stars,
(aka: balls of gas for the purists)
Hanging a nice, swervy left
To be at the right intersection
At the right moment.
"Daddy, why are all of those wheel rims
Still spinning
while the cars are
Still parked?"
A mirrored image, a fake, a farce.
Whenever the Santa Ana's blow at night,
We yearn to be intoxicated by the desert's multiple offerings.
The American Pie is still fresh,
Still in the oven,
Out here,
In L.A.
Which way to Edwards AFB?
Which way to Camp Pendeleton?
Which way to Twentynine Palms?
Which way to Miramar?
Which way to Los Alamitos?
Which way to March AFB?
Dare I mention the JPL?
"My! ..., look at that crappy,
sorry excuse for a War Memorial reconstructed every
At the beach.
Those God-damned Angelenos!
The plastic oozes from their lips,
And why not? Isn't Mattel right down the street?
Just south of LAX?"
Just north of the Santa Monica Pier,
Thousands of people from 'Who Knows Where',
Planet Earth,
Pause and reflect.
The simple, single white wooden crosses are painted with silence,
The new troops are reinforced weekly now by
Multiple crosses of ten.
Maybe next week it will be twenty
Sharing the same exact foot-hold
In the sand.
There is not enough sand,
There is not enough time.
Because there are too many dead soldiers!
The 'I Hate L.A.' picket signs,
Nowhere to be seen,
While the tourists,
Laughing and smiling from the Ferris Wheel, the Roller Coaster, the Arcade Machines, the Free Concerts, the Happy Children,
Are now itching and scratching,
Sun-drenched and enlightened,
Are chomping at the bit so that they may hurry home and declare,
"I Hate L.A."
Has the whole the country gone bi-polar?!
Or what?!
(Poor Frisco, Poor, Poor Frisco,
Our little brother to the north,
I'm sorry, but ...
we just don't believe in incest!)

We will always love you.
We will always love where you are from.

And now ...

(Insert pretentious drum roll here)

A few words from our life-long and dearly departed friend, Reverend Jim:
"Come on, baby, take a chance with us
Come on, baby, take a chance with us
Come on, baby, take a chance with us
And meet me at the back of the blue bus"

(Keep repeating last phrase with vamp and fade out)

The End.

Oh, yea ...
And may God bless Tiny Tim.


Some clients from England were visiting Seattle last week and thought it was hilarious that our gyms have parking lots at all. A lot of Europeans don't get why we drive everywhere - one guy was astonished that I would drive to work given that I live only 2 miles away. I know, I should be better about walking, but it rains a lot here!!


*Brilliant* post, Caolionn! And the funniest thing is that most people secretly love it and want to live here, although you'll never hear it from them. They'll tell you they hate hate hate it and never will visit again. Offer them the chance to live here though, and they'll be here in a flash. Funny.



I am the first to advocate that L.A. rocks. It may be materialistic and vain, but, man, we have some killer bars, a great music scene and, if you're lucky, you too can see Jessica Simpson's tushy.

Robert: I also love San Francisco (I lived 40 minutes away from it for 5 years), but it is a very different vibe from L.A. S.F. takes itself very seriously which isn't really L.A.'s style.

Mick: And great Chinese food and amazing Ethiopian and to-die-for sushi ...

Fred: I like the stream of consciousness.

Anandi: I drive to work and it is only a mile away, but I drive a prius so I feel a little less guilty.

cvj: I not so secretly love it here - faults and all.


Yea I have to admit that LA does have great music and Jessica Simpson's tushy. They are two big ticks. I'm sure there is great food there, I think in most big cities you can find great food if you look long enough.

The music scene there is awesome... The bars are OK. Have you been to the "Colorado" yet I only "discovered" it on the last weekend I was there, I wish I'd spent more time there and less time in old Pas. Believe it or not, it's on Colorado Blvd...




I should be annoying at this point and remark that Pasadena is not in fact in the city of Los Angeles, as far as I recall. But we'll make it an honorable member.... Even given all the great stuff you've pointed out, guys... people should know that only gets better when you get to the city proper!


P.S. Who is Jessica Simpson?


Caolionn (Re: Jessica Simpson) - So that story in The Enquirer claiming that the buns were inserts in her shorts was bogus? Who *can* you trust anymore?

Caolionn - "Sucks to be you."
Yeah, Yeah, thanks for the reminder.


Mick: I don't think I found the Colorado, yet. I'll be sure to find my way there.

cvj: Ouch! Low blow. No, I do not live in L.A. proper, instead the unfabulous Pasadena < sniff >, but I do spend most of my free time in L.A. proper still. If you don't know who Jessica Simpson is, I am beginning to wonder if you live in L.A. either.

CIP: Having not actually touched the fabulous tushy of Jessica Simpson, I cannot speak about the bun inserts. When in doubt, believe the Enquirer, they know ALL.

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