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November 18, 2005



Aaghhh, I'm so jealous. I totally forgot about the midnight showing and at 11pm tried to convince my husband he wanted to go, but wasn't able to convince him. And tonight I had homework to do for my stupid Tech Writing class. I guess I'll have to wait till the weekend. I can't wait! Glad to hear it was good. I actually *loved* the dark quality of the 3rd movie. I'm a little sad to hear that director isn't doing this one...


I'm seeing it tomorrow.
Can't wait.

Down with the Dark Mark.


A friend says IMAX is the way to see this movie if you can.

Me? I'm home with some major chest cold. I'm not going to the theatre so I can infect 100+ people at one time.

Harry has to wait.

Glad someone enjoyed it. Don't tell me how it ends! (grin)


hi, Here is not place for speaking about work or sth like that. but your field ( in new generation of accelerators )is interesting me. // perhaps we can accelerate sb like harry potter // how ever, i hope you be successful.


I watched it last night with two of my fellows here.

Some praised scenes:
- The Dark Mark !
- The first task and second task
- The maze in the third task
- Malfoy's transformation into ferret
- Hermione-Krum dance

My two fellows enjoyed it, but I wasn't too thrilled when I walked out the theater with them. But now, come to think of it, it may just me which had too much expectations.

Come on QD writers and readers, go get the ticket
and watch it too !


Word! I totally agree. This was WAY better than the others. I've been fighting with a phd student here about this, she's a purist and trotted out the usual "it isn't the book" complaint... I think that argument is trash, this was a movie and a good 'un!

I thought the best scene was the French girls walking in... but, well, I'm a boy :-)


Hey Caolionn, nice to read that you actually liked The goblet of fire. I haven't seen it yet, but later on I will. I'm glad to read The goblet of fire is the best Harry Potter-movie so far. Most of all because I really didn't like The prisoner of Azkaban as a movie. One of the few good aspects about The prisoner of Azkaban was Gary Oldman as Sirious Black, I think. That's not totally fair, maybe, but the fact is, I liked the book best of all first three books, and the movie worst of all first three movies. I read all Harry Potter-books with great pleasure, and so I am curious about The goblet of fire. Liked the story. But I can't say I'm too obsessed with the Harry Potter-series. That's to say that I haven't bought a Gryffindorscarf yet! But who knows. Maybe after seeing The goblet of fire... .Furthermore, I really think you have a great weblog! Thanks for entertaining! Read with great pleasure about your encounter with the wicked wild turkeys. Glad you've escaped. Nice drawing also. The picture of the pumpkinfield is now my temporary background on the pc, and I like it! Hope you're doing well in your new physicsgroup. Succes. And by the way, now that you've read all Harry Potters, maybe two times, another great book, not very much pages, meant for children, but written for the pleasure of grown-ups also, is, in my opinion, 'Koning van Katoren' by Jan Terlouw. I can imagine there is a translation in english, that is, 'King of Katoren'. The writer's name is Jan Terlouw, and, apart from being a writer, he was also a politician, and a physisist. Maybe in that order (don't mean chronological order), but don't now that for sure. This comment has become lengthier than was my purpose, but I have a question: Having a busy live, being a physisist, having a blog, hiking, reading, etc., have you ever read one of the books from the Dark Tower-cyclus by Stephen King?


I have only read "Pet Sematary" by Stephen King and I think I have had my fill. I don't do scary well. I fact, I have sworn off scary movies and books are so much worse because you can't cover your eyes through the scary parts. No, no more Stephen King for me.

As for the book purists - I think one needs to look at the movies as an addendum to the books. They should not be considered stand-alone components, but rather another medium in which to enjoy and enhance the books. I am actually shocked people have only watched the movies and still enjoyed them. I can't imagine enjoying them without a firmer understanding of the back-story.

Rob Oldenburger

Hahaha, Pet semetary is indeed a very scary book! Stephen King said about it, not exactly in those words, that it was so scary, he wondered if readers would let him get away with it.
I agree with you about movies as an extra to the books. The reason I didn't like The prisoner of Azkaban was the "that wasn't in the book"-thing. Apart from that, it was OK. Yesterday I saw The goblet of fire, and in a 'no book purist'-way the movie indeed totally rocked. Probably I am going to watch it for a second time...

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