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December 21, 2005


Aaron F.

Only in California... :)


I don't know if you're into documentaries... hah, actually you *are* in one... but there's a lot of good stuff here: http://www.teach12.com , audio-lectures by some of the most talented professors in the country. I especially liked a lecture by Rufus Fears on Roman history. Also, science, Filippenko et al., democracy, a course on dying (?!) and, would you believe it: an audio lecture on calculus!


I am actually a big fan of their opera course - I think it was the same group (I can't believe this is a saturated market). It was really fascinating, but at a very hefty price. My family bought the series and we would rotate ownership. I would love to listen to more, but not at those prices.


There are worse addictions and shopping on-line can save time and effort. I'm not so big on it, being a skeptic of web sites securing my bank account, but I dipped my toe (little one) and purchsed a CD from Arkive Music recently.
Free is the next best thing to being paid for something.


Stay away from the new 5th generation iPod then (aka the video iPod). I been spending a ton on the iTunes Music store on Battlestar Galactica and Lost episodes . How can you pass up having full seasons of Battlestar Galactica right in your pocket, or ripping a DVD so you can watch it on your iPod while on the treadmill at the gym? I too love Audiobooks. But I'm also a big fan of Podcast. Podcast are generally free, and it gives me something to listen to during my commute to work. You should check them out on the iTunes Music Store.


I am waiting for the nano to come in 6 GB, then I am buying that sucker no matter what the price. As for the video iPod, I am already trying to ween myself off TV, so getting to have it in my pocket wouldn't be very helpful. Check out the Slate.com podcast, I am a HUGE fan - it is always interesting and always a little sassy.

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