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December 26, 2005


balaji shankar V

As a grad student myself, I shd say it was nice to your perspective on grad life, research and life in general, over the last6 months or so. Your blog has been excellent and it's no wonder that even cosmicvariance.com (http://cosmicvariance.com/2005/12/17/bloggy-b-blog-mcblog/) feels that this blog deserves wider recognition. I am not sure if Q diaries continues after 2005, so I wish you all the best for your career and life. Hope u start to blogging elsewhere !

Joe Fitzsimons

Hi Caolionn,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your life with us. Checking your blog has been part of my morning ritual for most of the last year, and I will be very sorry to see it go. Are you sure you can't be persuaded to keep blogging (on here or somewhere else)? If not, I wish you all the best for the future, and congratulate you on a great blog.

Hank Griffin

Hey Wonder Woman!

I couldn't resist sending you a rediculous message. I am on the right... of the country that is - Augusta GA. I saw the PBS special and recently read David Bodanis' book describing the history of your work. I am facinated by the work you are doing although it is most certainly beyond my intellectual capacity. As I ventured further into the topic I found your blog. I am sorry your work here has come to an end but I thank you for taking the time to share. I am hopeful that an exciting life of new discovery awaits you. If you find youself in my neighborhood (lectures, etc.)... by the way - we have a small golf tournament here in April - Hint! - I would love to pick your brain. Good Luck with all future endeavours.


Hi Caolionn-- Thanks for a year of great blogging! (It's easy to continue on if you want to, you know.) And good luck with all that postdoc stuff.


I enjoyed your blog very much this year. In general, I liked reading about the people that were closest to my age, I guess because we are at similar life stages.

Good luck with your career.


Good Luck with everything!


Caolinn, I'm really going to miss your blog. I have a dead-end job where I basically sit on my ass all day...your blog has given me laughs and sometimes something to ponder! Best of luck to you, and if you should decide you miss us terribly and start up blogging again, find some way to let us all know! Take care.

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