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December 11, 2005



One word for ya: Menudo. Find a good AUTHENTIC mexican resteraunt and get some menudo. Its easy on the stomach and is great for curing a hang over. Luckily for me, being of hispanic descent, Menudo was always accessable to me.
I think this is why most Mexican food resteraunts only serve menudo on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Gordon Stangler

Yay for livers. Enjoy


Jim Phillipsz

Sorry to hear you embalmed yourselves last weekend. Another way to alleviate the hangover is to (if you're bold enough) sip a little pure vodka until your symptoms evaporate. A small infusion of ethyl alcohol to combine with the excess methyl alcohol. Your liver will then convert the formaldehyde (the headache aldehyde) to acetylaldehyde (the happy aldehyde). That is my chem prof. talking (the same guy who was fired for setting the lab ceiling on fire at another school; excess Na in his H2O).Though I suggest lots of water (esp. before going to sleep)and forcing yourself to get up and going. No coffee though, it will only dehydrate you more. Read the Genesis Machine by James Hogan (have to find at a used bookstore). It's an S.F. story about how a mathematical theorist and nuclear particle experimaentalist save the world. It's not soppy sci fi, it's very well written. Another by the same author is The Two Faces of Tomorrow. Next time more dining and frolickig and less imbibing. I hope you keep blogging along the electronic trail though.


No, this is not true: Perrier and Club Soda are very different! The Perrier bubbles are much smoother, bigger and softer than Club Soda bubbles. Those are somewhat more aggressif. Sam may still not have been in the possession of all his faculties, else he would have noticed the difference straight away!


... Or it could just be us Americans like the aggressive bubbles ... :)

As for the menudo and pure vodka - I don't think so. Honestly, even thinking about menudo or vodka would have sent my recovery into a tailspin. Even thinking about it now is making me feel a little queasy.


The severity of a hangover can be greatly reduced or even prevented by taking an antioxidant pill with each drink or taking several pills after you've finished your drinking. Check out the excellent product Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants on lef.org. Cheers.

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