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December 14, 2005



Maybe it's to indicate to everyone and their dog that it's the Library? But that's too obvious. I bet it really stands for something like Lemmings, or something.

Arcane Gazebo

The "L" stands for Lloyd House, the undergraduate house responsible for putting up these lights every year. It started as a prank by one Lloyd House class about 8 years ago, and became tradition. It's one of the tasks assigned to the Lloyd freshmen each year, and coordinating this is one of the primary duties of the freshmen who are elected Warlords earlier in the semester.

(I was a Lloydie, class of '01, and one of the Warlords in my class. I have fond memories of peering out over the top of Millikan in the middle of the night when I should have been studying for finals...)


They should put a red circle with a bar through it around the "L." It's a common Christmas decoration here in Pittsburgh. Ok, so we're strange....

Aaron F.

My first thought was that the Library was for Losers. :)

Rob: I don't get it! Do you guys have something against elevated trains?


It was started in fall '94 by that year's entering Lloyd freshman (my class, though I didn't actually do any of the work involved in putting the stuff up for the first time). There are some interesting stories behind the first time it was done. Now it's a bit more routine (the new Lloyd frosh are expected to do it), but the original meeting behind the plans for it certainly had some skepticism and it's nice for those of us who were part of that that it became a tradition.


L stands for Lit, so people will know it is switched on. Also describes the condition of most of us at this time of year.


I only have something against the New York elevated train. The controls are poorly designed in the case of damage by a rogue nuclear physicist.

Dave Bacon

I believe the next step in you Caltech education is that someone should explain to you why you keep seeing the initials D.E.I. around campus :)


Wow, I totally don't remember this tradition from school. Kind of cool, though. Did it really start in 94? Can someone confirm that? Cuz if so, that means I really wasn't paying attention :)


THANK YOU! Mason, I have a bone to pick with your class, because they really should have splurged and spelled Lloyd entirely rather than just the L. It would have made much more sense to the new people.

Dave, I haven't noticed D.E.I. around campus, but do share the secret, because I know it will drive me nuts when I do see it.

Since I seem to have so many knowledgeable readers, does anyone want to explain the barefoot thing? I don't get that either and I have to say I find it a little bit jarring when I see people in an office building with no shoes. And anyone know how to get into the underground tunnel system? I *really* want to see them, but I have yet to meet anyone that can show me, although it might be better to have that discussion over email and not in the comments.


have a look at: http://members.tripod.com/~tunnels/gfx/caltech.gif


No L, No L, No L, No L.
Born is the King of Israel.

We have a stuffed snowman I like to call Leon, because for some inexplicable reason, the L is capitalized in noeL.


Ohh, it looks like I might be getting into trouble next year.


its California, the L is for LOVE as in Peace and Love, as in where did all the Hippies come from

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