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December 26, 2005



"plasma wake field acceleration" I was reading your latest blog entry and started seeing some of your earlier entries and that sentence caught my atention...What's wake field? Should it be weak field? I really don't know... I am asking you this because I've been thinking about my future and now it seems that I want to study plasma physics (more on the theoretical and mathematical side...)... So I'm trying to gather some information about the subject...Thanks in advance and thanks for all the blogging. Thank you and all the QDers!! Happy new year!!


oh!! but .. err .. comments getting closed from 1st jan .. but why?

anyway .. u have got an interesting blog here ..

happy new year

Gordon Stangler

Dr. C,

It has been absolutely wonderful reading your blog, and interacting with yourself and others. Hope to catch you on the flip side. ^_^



Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you. Best Wishes.

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. . ."
-- Dumbledore, pg. 214, ^Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone^

aalu paneer

Thanks for the wonderful blog. I have been a daily visitor and will miss reading your blogs. Have a great future.

Hugo Maya

I have read Newton, Einstein and Galileo.
Now, I hope and wish you find the treasure you look for.


I caught your blog late, and already it's coming to an end. I wish it wasn't. If you decide to blog elsewhere (or would like to guest blog at UnSpace) please let me know.

You are, in fact, unique. Everyone is! Seriously, I was thrilled to be able to recommend your blog to a few young girls I know to give them an idea of what is possible in science. Your experience is far different from many of the female scientists from my day. I've refrained from telling you my wife's story so as to not discourage you. Of course, at one job, they had to teach her how to avoid creating a critical mass. I guess it wasn't all bad.

Best wishes and God bless. You're always welcome at UnSpace (as long as it's around).


I have been a reader of your blog all year and I absolutly loved it. Everyday I would go online to check if you had updated it. Almost like an obsession, which it was. I think it is great to hear that women can make it in physics, which is my dream. I am 15 years old and you truly are an inspiration. It is so sad to hear that your blog will be ending. You can always come to Myspace. ;)
Good luck with your life,
Ps. I too am a huge Harry Potter, podcast, and electronical books fan.


Comments closing? We must have been bad....


So many people that want you to continue blogging... I just hope nobody thinks of starting a petition for you to keep on writing.That way we'll make a lot of pressure on you...(people start signing the "petition"!!!) ;) We don't need to read you everyday, so please reconsider your decision..Come on... And if you do reconsider just tell us where your new space will be. Ok?


One more thing... I did a little research on your blog and on the internet, and now I know what plasma wake field acceleration is. Well, I know a little bit more about it.


Caolionn, I wish you a happy new year, love, hapiness, and good health; so, too, lots of winds in your sail with your acceleration projects.


Oh my God**, I misspelled happiness!
** - Spinoza's God, evidently...:)


It's a shame you're giving up this blog - I found it really interesting (do you know how little information there is about what scientists *do* in school career centres?). You inspired me to do a boys' subject despite odd looks, so thanks and good luck :)

your biggest fan

Bye bye Caolionn's blog.


I loved your blog! Good bye, and good luck! ^_^


So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye...

Sorry Caolionn, couldn't resist...

It's been great. Hope you get back into blogging again sometime. At the very least I hope you keep lurking at my blog :-)

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