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February 24, 2005



Fascinating! Thanks Karsten


Hi Karsten -
there is a new link to CM/AMO experimental rumor page on the Theoretical Particle Physics Rumor Mill site, it only appeared few days ago. My husband has interviewed at University if Washington (and several other places) too. Can't agree more on how nerve racking it is, especially waiting and not knowing the situation...

Good luck with job search


Gordon Watts

Hi Karsten,
I'm really sorry you learned about the status of your application at UW from my blog. That is clearly wrong. I obviously can't take it back, but please accept my apologies and please know that was certainly not my intention.

- Gordon.


What is clearly wrong is that most search committees never bother to tell anything to the candidates who didn't make it into the first choice after those first choices are made. So, on our side of faculty search, we are happy to have information from any source - blog included - whatever that information might be. I'm sure Karsten will agree.


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