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July 30, 2005


Gordon T Watts

I've seen so many of my friends go through this. Even my wife, from Canada, had to deal with this problem. In fact, she was in this situation when her father passed away. She almost reset the process, but a travel allowence came through at the last minute. Does anyone know what the reson is for this? I don't get it!

aalu paneer

Does anyone know what the reson is for this?



This is a test: i lost the precedent mail via yahoo in the contrary of the others posts i have done these days. They requested this time one URL i didn't employ before.

Why did i find your blog at 9 h 30 in the latests postsv and not just now?


So dear mister it is better on google.

My mail was long and don't get time anymore: bienvenue au club: i am not so surprise here in europe and france.

Believe you have the privilège to be with your wife and money and interesting occupation in the context of temporary situation.

my mail described the LIVOURNE research service for lost letters in France very efficient and some censure invisible by blocages administratifs in french system for unemployed persons: the conclusion was: if you meet love you have to integrate the risk to to create bad issue for the other....

This is not totally the case for you...

I mentioned too the BOING network piloted by Berkeley: you are not alone....

Thanks for your attention.

This is dedicated to a man in Paris living in the situation cited below. Very intelligent without any diplôme.



Wow, it must be so frustrating to be in that situation.

I went through this process with my wife, but we applied for a spouse visa at the US Embassy in Seoul (so there was never any point where she could not travel). We heard stories of it taking 1-2 years at that Embassy, but for us it was only about 4 months to get the visa after the initial application. The stories my wife read on the internet included cases where, for example, a stack of applications was left in a drawer after an Embassy or INS/BCIS/USCIS employee quit. Nevertheless, every time we've applied for everything at the INS/BCIS/USCIS, it took less time than we expected--the greencard or official letter of such-and-such or whatver just showed up in the mail. GOOD LUCK.



Karsten, you're a spoiled pig. And all you do is whine. Cheer up, or leave this blog!


hmm!! similar to the movie 'The Terminal' ... you have a nice blog here .. and i find many things interesting ..

nice to meet u

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