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February 17, 2005



Thanks for the useful reference, it will be a struggle to get the book in Delhi, but I shall try nevertheless. About Gluons, if the strong force is not so strong at high energies, will that mean that strong force did not exist at the time of the big bang, as energy was very high then and do they not exist inside Black Holes? Silly and definitely wrong,i know, but still kindly humor my doubt

M. Ayub Faridi

It is a nice reference to study underlying theory of the QCD. In Pakistan though it is difficult to find latest versions of books but we asked local Book Stores to provide such a nice book as early as possible.Last decades witnessing remarkable evidences such that the noble prize of this year of Physics awarded to David Gross, David Politzer and Frank Wilczek for their discovery of asymptotic freedom.

Josh Barkin

We own the domain www.strongforce.com

We used the domain for workforce management software, but have since moved the software to another domain.
Over the years a couple of people have approached us for the domain, so if there is interest in the domain, please make an offer and we’ll part with it.

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