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April 09, 2005



My latest entry, works towards the comprehension of microstate blackholes. Discovering these similarites in the deveopement of theoretics and propositions in supersymetrical realities, can this stance be irrefutably stated setting the stage?

To me it is very significant. Why do not some of the academic cohorts not see what is accomplished here?

I provide a little history to help in this regard, but I am sure you could supply a much deeper insight into what Auger has done for us. You gave us hint of this in a earlier article.

Bibhas De

If you are talkintg about 'bread and butter' physics, check this out:



detection of gravity waves using blackholes:
(nu*(dg/dt) + g*(d nu/dt)) = (mg[i]v[i]^-3)*((pi*r^2*c)^2), (standard convention applies)

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