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May 13, 2005


M. Ayub Faridi

In the search of origin of the Universe General Relativity and Particle Physics go side by side. Modern techniques of Numerical Relativity are very helpful in these aspects.

Sergio Ferrari

Very interesting John...Where can I have access to that meeting?
Kind regards from Argentina.

Bibhas De


“One of the most fascinating aspects of particle physics is its close connection with astrophysics and cosmology” … and of course, with the human condition!

For some time now, I have tried to post the links to my web essays (highly critical of the physics establishment) in various university sites. The “erasers” there swung swiftly to action and deleted my posts. Ellis is one member of the establishment who did not do so, so far.

The citation for my Righteous Scientist Award to Ellis reads:

“John Ellis is not a bs artist.”

To understand the ultimate compliment conveyed in this citation in view of the present human condition, you must read my web essay:


Good man, John Ellis!


Having spent many years in Trastevere, I wish to point out the strange 'fons olei' (oil fountain) inside the church Santa Maria in Trastevere. http://www.geocities.com/mp_pollett/roma-c6i.htm
Of course around that church, in the same Piazza, there is a couple of good restaurants!
Regards, -serafino
PS: Not to mention here the famous 'dictum' by P.A.M. Dirac 'I must say that I also do not like indeterminism' during a talk down there [The Development Of Quantum Mechanics, Conferenza Tenuta il 14 Aprile 1972, in Roma, Accademia Nazionale
dei Lincei, 1974, 11 pages]

m. visaya

what are the dynamics like when a blackhole enters a star 4 or more times its diameter? is it theoretically possible to have a raisin inside a grapefruit? (ND.TOE)

manuel visaya

guarding the rear wasn't the challenge. being an incorruptible protectee was ... (ZIT-391)

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