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July 08, 2005



Sure that the building custodian wasn't a retired engineer too?

Gordon T Watts

Wow John, you sound so cool, but is must have been pretty nerve wracking!

Qiu-Hong Hu

When I first saw the title, I thought you were talking about the creation of the universe on the one hand, and that of the electron positron pairs on the other. I enjoy reading your work anyway. The bangs described in your diaries indeed sound pretty much analogous to what is going on inside the accelerators or colliders. The difference from physics point of view seems in the former case people believe that the bangs have destroyed some entities, whereas in the latter case people believe that the bangs have created some new entities while destroying the others. History is just one man’s tragedy the other man’s joke, all depending on where you are in space-time. God bless all.

Juan A. Saenz

Hi John,

I could have sworn I saw you in the land of coffee, in the beautiful Sabana, catching a cab at the 127th st N with 7th st E. If so, I hope you enjoyed your visit.



"I found myself wondering whether this was legitimate scientific research or cosmic vandalism"

I quite agree with you.
Numerous so called astronic explorations are
nothing but monney-burning ,boring games.




C6 ruled by homological algebra of dihedral group D[5] - the modern problem, it appears, is like the common flu. (isBN-285)


nu=42 268 742 745


some lines, like the event horizon, dmz, line of control, no-fly zone - battle lines - you wish are never crossed simply because these are paths of steepest descent that would alienate anyone's world... (NMA-237)

Rick Kobilansky

Are you the same John Ellis responsible the creation of the Clear water machine process? If so please contact me at [email protected]


RHole: R5={bacon,ahmes,ferrari,euler,davinci};




a safety lining of calcium carbonate embedded inside the skin of the craft should release detectable heat by infrared inflight or along with other pre-flight or maintenance checks such as x-ray diffraction for cracks and moisture. in effect, allowing a hole to be fixed by a fixer itself. at least, until the shuttle itself is beyond repair. as for people in it, i would check the history of early flight and spaceflight... (BDN-722)


kukulkan wanted portions of the code that aren't local to them but rightfully belong to us for the purpose of profiting from eugenically, bionically and agriculturally sound genetic sequences. it is an emerging crime symbolized by our flight in a fate similar to falling in a black hole.


سلام عمرا فارسی نتونی بخونی

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