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April 20, 2005


Sarah D. Barlow

Hey square root! It's me, the other square root, Sarah! It has been quite some time. I am so proud of you! Your journal entries are wonderful.

Sarah K

Hey Sarah!!

It is wonderful to hear from you! :) :) I am so glad that you like my journal!

For other readers, Sarah and I were the best of friends in high school. There was a group of four of us who were inseparable. We were Sarah^2 (Sarah squared). We have not seen each other in years, so this is a really cool moment. It is definitely time for a reunion! It has been entirely too long since we last had the chance to hang out together.

- Sarah K

Debbie Krawczyk

Hi Sarah,
I came across your site while searching for info for one of my fifth grade students doing a report on the Wren Building. Your site was very helpful to him. My daughter is currently a sophmore at W&M. Enjoy your travels.

Sarah K

Hi Debbie,

I am glad that my posts about William and Mary's Wren Building have turned out to be helpful and informative for you. I hope that your daughter has a great time at W&M and enjoys her studies!

- Sarah K

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