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June 06, 2005



Hey Gordon! As wierd as it sounds for the reason: "there were more quotes than there were actual notes. " I stopped writing down quotes during lectures ...
And thanks for sharing them!


Grrrrrr... I hope "rarefaction" was spelled wrong intentionally! "Rarefraction" and the even more egregious "rarefication" are two of my worst pet peeves. >:( Otherwise, though, the quotes are fantastic... sounds like an exciting class!

p.s. How many students do you have? (60 quotes / student) * (a mere 20 students) / (365 days / year) = enough quotes to make page-a-day calendars for the next three years! ;)

Gordon Watts

Yeah. That was just a cut/paste from the internal class BBS, with a few additions by me. I didn't spelling correct. And, as any of my students will tell you, I couldn't have spelling corrected even if I'd wanted to (I'm horrible).

This was the honrors class, so there were only about 50 students.

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