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March 02, 2005



It's all quite an amazing venture.

My understanding is that the project (and all Christo projects) are funded by selling the work-up sketches for said project. The workforce is all paid. Regardless of feelings about the work, one must admire the facility of the enterprise.

So, do you *like* it?

aalu paneer

there seems to be confusion in some minds over difference between art and novelty. the gates were novelty. so out of palce and color that it becomes a focus of attention. i have no idea why people (including "the" couple call it art!


Kevin - that was the thing: I was awed by the scope and precision of the thing, but I didn't feel anything underneath the surface (not surprising, I guess for a Christo, even if it wasn't a "wrapper"). So I liked it, but that's about it. And yet, I don't feel as negatively as Aalu, in that I thought it worked for the space and did a good thing for New York, even if only fleetingly.

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