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May 11, 2005



Ran across your blog while doing a post on the World Year of Physics, and especially enjoyed this story--along with the music on "Invisibly 4th Street." Thanks!


Dear Peter Steinberg,

I ran across your blog about a month ago. I was so enthralled, I spent two hours of my life reading two months worth. I would have read more, but other things called. Anyway, I wanted to commend you for undertaking such a time-consuming task, and for sharing so candidly your insights as a physicist, on physics, art, and physics-life. As a newly minted physics/engineering post-doc, I think it's useful for us students to hear such candid thoughts from the scientists who have come before us, and to some extent we are emulating (for better or worse). :) I look forward to reading more during this "Year of Physics".

I have two minor suggestions on your blog. 1) a separate larger window for photographs with people in it when you click on it, so the people's faces can be seen, and 2) a way to send a blog entry (or its web site) as a e-mail to someone else. I really enjoyed your comments on the banners in Central Park, and the juxposition of vacumn and restaurant, and baseball and Fermi, and would have liked to have shared that with someone else.

Anyway, thanks for doing this blog.

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