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May 12, 2005



hey peter,

yeah, you better take the train tomorrow. I doubt your VW goes through this huge pile of rocks and trees ;-)



Paul Stankus

Thought you, of all people, might appreciate this.

The Fri May 13 NYPost had a cover article on the
HH Parkway landslide, and in it are a number of short
testimonials from people on the scene who heard or
saw the collapse in action. This one is my favorite:

"It was pretty quick -- it looked like watching
reality TV," said Dwight Bonner, a nearby resident.
"You saw trees, you saw boulders, you saw a little
of everything falling."

I'll leave it to you to work out the epistemology;
I will only guess that Mr. Bonner is on the younger
side, a child of the video age.

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