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July 29, 2005


manuel visaya

sometimes, a blast of cold air is all that is needed to calm things down...(BRP-273)


Goodmorning from france Mister Steinberg:

First of all: is Budapest a so nice town that you look like to be obsseded by your travel to there?

I notice the similarity of concept with me; as, sorry for this, i am not at all one nuclear people, PATTERN, you write, like me to URSULA. So i continue to write my feed back onto your text: French Rabbit: on mouille sa chemise when we work intensely.
It is to say i don't understand the fil d'ariane of your exposé because i feel lazy ( so not slave ) of opening my classical dictionnary. And i don't want to use the informatics ressources on line - for example traduction of subtilities in specialized words as americans ones - because of this:
I am old fashion, has been, in informatics procedures and something strange happened here. I just wanted to zoom in one larger format of WORDS the "photo de famille" of the LES DIABERETS/HADRON....2005 available in the CERN site. When i received it in local files, i got post cards, many ones on the same screen. Working OUT of INTERNET CONNEXION , when i wanted to use WORDS opportunities, i received on message asking to me one authorization to go modify something inside the internal CERN nice... Just before,navigating to export the file, already out of internet connexion at the moment i wanted to precise the format in the SEARCH WINDOW of CERN appearing ,because of the épisode of the postcards,when i use it, one answered that this searching opportunities where unavailable under this status. This first item, i could admit it even if i found it crazy, the second one i don't admit it and some peoples here where drastically surprised.
Conclusion: i haven't not succeeded to realize my only aim: to have one zoom on the incarnation of one person belonging to the whole group. Quite simple! I let you find which one
So you will understand why i don't initiate complexes interactions with traduction here.
Perhaps should i buy INTERNET POUR LES NULS.Or WINDOWS. i never learn them.
i remember only this: my father talked about the biological and health problems the pilots had in the first flights at very high speed.. Then after they found the cause and a lot could arise the MAG 2 . Now MAG 2 is one kind of DRUG against SPASMOPHILIE , useful in case of atmospherique pollution. As i have not understood your topo, i wonder what sort of cloud do really see the passengers. Sorry for this distorsion :the sky of Paris is forbidden to the planes but this night i thought i was sleeping at a few meter of the airport, and more, they would have flight at very low altitude...
To conclude, i don't undrstand your 8 hours rythme if i aggregate all the stories of all the scientists about their life: Nothing is in concordance. Thanks for your attention.
Reading again your topo, it is more attractive, but do you believe that if i am wrong to catch the good picture of the family of the next Quark Matter 2005, the DIAMOND HOTEL HILA CONGRESS ORGANIZER, ( whose postal address was available only in some pittoresques and peripheriques related subjects ,as the list of excursions for the persons coming with the participants,as the name of the hotels, in the contrary of the main access : there you have to show a lot of authorizations . I was surprised. On internet you can know a lot about the congress...) would dedicate me something?


Eleven in the evening, dear mister steinberg.

i realize just now that i could give you one poetic opinion on this bidule yellow and red. When i will have controlled the mode d emploi of the all together pictures. I am now more contamined by the exibition i saw on the laque: there was there one horrible assignation to the woman condition: one brain cut into 2 parts, one full of entrelacs and the other clean, empty, without colour or one colour saying it is not colour.
I don't understand for the moment at the level i am, so poor, how can be represented the step of decibels if they are concerned in quasiregural wawes: it is one stupid joke after one terrible visit to researchers saying that since KEPLER WE KNOW THAT PHOTONS GIVE IMPULSIONS TO THE BODIES THEY MEET; AND THE MORE FAR YOU ARE FROM THE SUN THE LESS YOU GET PHOTONS. i am contamined too by this. ARE YOU BULDING ONE NEW THEORY DES CONTRAIRES ALTERNATIVELY USING PARTICULE DU SILENCE AND SOONY SOMETHING,. I THINK I WILL BE MORE INSPIRED IN FRONT OF MY SUNNY BEACH AT HOME; NOT SOONY; SORRY I AM SEEKING FOR THE TRIANGLE.....
i have another casse tête: when i write one long text on my electronic mail to do the system disconnect: what is the interest to distinguish if i stay one long time to write it or to consult my mails? Or perhaps i wouldn't have the right to examine all the more than 400 mails i sent to the same person where i should find normally one good idea to compose one poetic reaction to this bidule yellow and red.. More than 400, i agree it is a little bit much.The system will disconnect before the end.


what's about soony sunny soundy sandy and the more?
It is the only poetry i found after having read the news, included advanced on biology by massachussets researchers.
I succeeded to find here one colour printing machine and there is, wonderful, one on line introduction to very useful windowq xp functionnalities.So i will study your yellox red bidule on one paper version.Thanks for your attention.


dear mister steinberg, thjis morning i feel desesperate: Systran didn't succeed to translate soony but YAHOO traduction indicates in the whole page translated that this is one PERCHE sonique. As i found BARRIERE SAINE for the Concorde action of flight, i am desesperate not to find the traduction of soony. I know as soon as and i know the sound, noisy. I am not wrong?, Completely desespated: to change i consulted the other blog: like you the dutch researchers doesn't not clearly understand the FONDAMENTAUX. And i have not found time to find the triangle.


Dear mister Steinberg, i present my excuses for the fautes de frappes. Here i am in Le Touquet as i wrote to others bloggers.

I suppose you are with your team for one concentration : you have to travel by plane going to Budapest.
I was only in the train: Going to Paris some date of 26 july. Some little pittoresque events in the Eurostar... Coming back, one miracle:
Last time i was there, the train stopped at the exact moment i was already consulting photocopies of transparencies of your activities i found on the NET. This time double miracle. My hands attacked by ( stupid diagnostic i contest), were suddenly soft and fonctionnal as ever just after i read the photocopy of your yellowredbidule. I had found the triangle and i saw that later i would made some interesting observation on this no poetic page.
It happened exactly at the same place where each time i travel, this train meets differents problems. But there was no terrorist in it: sorry for the market of muons detectors applications...Oh what do the researchers think when they pass across one frontier about the confidentility of their results (scanners...). Suppose that in the next days i would send you : EUREKA mister Steinberg, i don't understand anything at all to your bidule but i thing that this and this and this. (for the truth it is more easy to do it in black and white version: i did it on the text of mister WYSLOUCH from Les Diablerets. The colour change the perception in the aller retour beetwen details and general frame).You would receive it by mail in Les Diablerets and you would have to cross the frontier with the notes or the files. It can happen from one colleague of you seeing your bidule as me on the blog.. Scientific life is difficult, Mister Steinberg. You can let all what you want at home, you can't avoid the mind to be.
If i would be one escroc, i would say: send me one flight ticket to Budapest (america is too far and complicated and there the sea to cross: terrorist can more easily force one governement to crash one plane near the sea than au dessus of one country. how do you call au dessus in english: forgot the word) i will comment the bidule in it secretly. I am not one escroc and i have nothing to say on it. Except the miracles. It was purely one joke.
Good travel to you.

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