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July 20, 2005


wrekle$$ king neo

ohh hell ye i could use dragon ass a krumper in our crew wrekless we do talent shows check us out at my space.com my email is wrekless_baller@yahoo.com password battleking please get a my space and send me a messege!!!!!i beg...lol...jk...peaceout dragon rize till we die yea

Lil viche

hey dis be lil viche out from New Zealand commenting on the way use have brought out Krump and clowning to express your anger having a story behind it. man use don't know how it has made me realise it's time to get out there and krump for God there is so much that we could do to change the way people look at dance bringing it down to business and al but dis be the new meaning to dance praising God through KRUMPING lil viche!!!
hola @ faith_strengf@hotmail.com

jose torres

i like the clowns and the krumpers all u guys do a good job and the girls 2


tight eyez da shit dancer my name is shequille my krumper name is lil miss

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