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July 27, 2005



Dear mister Steinberg, it is only one little punkt.(sorry for this attempt to create one challenge with old ESPERANTO and BASIC ENGLISH of the 20'th but yesterday i was in Paris, in the most famous second hand library, buying one polish dictionnary and i discovered that the same word is used in german and polish langage to qalify the point. It was "profond de sens" for me at this instant. The point). In this minding ,i noticed you used the same typo as GORDON WATTS did it to celebrate the new baby of one colleague in the participants of the meeting in Les DIABLERETS: He received the call and you write the in italique too qualifying the major conference. What means the in American deeply internal understanding?
I beg your pardon for my special grammar.


Dear Peter Steinberg, you seem to claim that you don't eat anything when you work: Only singing and dancing ( you didn't succeeded completetly the model because mis Caolion in her very complicated situation in asia didn't danced: only the song. )
Suddenly i remember that a few days ago i mailed one stupid joke to one certain physicist you have perhaps met recently. I asked for one privil├Ęge: to be the first one to be informed of the discovering of the silence's particule, before if would receive the Nobel Price for this.
So i propose to you one special recette i heard in Paris, asking for one milk mixed with sirop de violette. They don't want to serve it to me , they preferred the sirop de rose. We tested as cobaye this, it is PERFECT. i learned in the same time that one BOURGUIGNON KIR is made with the same ingredients of sirop (strawberry, violet, rose) but associated with red wine. Then after i visited one interesting exhibition on the comtemporary laque more perfect than you recent advance in results. Particulary one named EAU. I learned one new acceptance of the economics concepts in the Taylor age: flux tendu. I thought it was applied to the zero stock organisation. In the contrary they explained the "industrial laque" (a lot of precises colles )was boosted because of the GOULOT D'ETRANGLEMENT after the chain production in flux tendus at the moment they paint the cars..So the SPEED of the laque was important and it induced one complexe global process on the structure of the products in a long way, the same as the industry and the science created new art. That is not so frequent i believe.
Why doesn't never meet some scientifics in this sort of exhibition. I was there for one brainstorming with many peoples passionated and we even associated the closing of our old Samaritaine, where one find all..
To end, i don't suggest any recette to eat: i didn't understand exactly what happened in thailande about after eating, so i wish you a good work with the diet of the religious.

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