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August 24, 2005



On commence par quoi et il est où le résumé de synthèse?
This morning i heard Etienne Klein saying to the radio that Jean Perrin (forcely a good boy because he was born or living in Boulogne sur Mer near Etaples and promoted the esperanto. For those who understand nothing,this is a joke). This morning in France Inter i heard Etienne Klein talking of Jean Perrin after Einstein. He confirmed around 1905 that atome was existing. But he calculated too the number of Avrogado, personnage living around 1811. So during many years of lot of pittoresques inventions, i mean the petits copains of Marie Curie, Becquerel etc.. where going on slaloming without any fixed ideas about certains point, we will say, of théorie. And then came Jean Perrin and the atome.
If god would be existing he would be aimable to brief you on this other point: if you are able to observe the rayon fossile to - i am just waiting one man observing the screen is going away - it is made; aggregate the beginning, why don't you find the inverse: observing the future.by prediction. Perhaps you have already theories on it i don't know. But if i mean that some Jean Perrin must come to define one central notion or two like at the surely appearance of the atome, i mean that god is surely doing her works like this. All natural phenomens are related to anticipation and perhaps god controlling the situation , how can i say it, indicates the way knowing we will be endly able to predict the future. Not exactly. Arrêter de faire des conneries parce qu'on connait les conséquences. This is a very bad blog of a really medium.Not believing in god.


So another big question: i won some money (virtual one in catalogue DAMART) after buying one pairs of shoes: 10000 euros, not possible to give it to the otherS. If i gain i lost my allocation to survive and i can make one sketche about all the aspects of this story demonstrating that, this time: 1 + 1 = 0 IS TRUE; FIRST I CAN't SPENT THE MONEY BECAUSE I WILL LOST THE ALLOCATION..
thanks for your attention.


I think the best 'physics-related' album cover would have to be The Strokes 'Is This It?', with the bubble-chamber image from some CERN experiment. The hipsters always ask about that one. It's clear that this was not the intended cover since the earlier european release was a bit too risque. Particles or a woman's bare behind?


ian - that strokes record certainly has a great (or at least notable) "physics" cover. and totally out of the blue, when you think about it. you can only imagine how that decision went...


This was the post of one in unemployement woman with humour and spirituality.
I don't want to read anymore after the translationof woman's bare. It is obvious: the 400 mails ahve been sent to Bolek Wyslouch with hazardous contacts that means we can all suppose of one complexe situation because of it he keeps certain silence. We are a lot here to know the story and the contents about the physics there was in it. For my dictionnary at this time,woman's bare signifie nudité de femme.
I inform every body on this blog i will made one plaint in law. Seriously.
Thanks every body for your attention.
I will explain and publicly the exact situation which began because of a crual daeth of one cancer of one 48 years old woman: the first time i contacted Mister Wyslouch directly after many years, in 2004 before i discovered this blog. Then after a lot of events like one reaction en chaine i want to stop. By any legal and digne tool.
Thanks everybody for your attention. I have the copy of all the mails sent. I am the author of them, comments in physics included you could perfectly use. I have the right to give them to any journalist to inform how is the community of physicist at the time where i heard in France about Katrina: obliged to take away people before because unables to secure after the ouragan if the water is in New Orleans. Yes indeed?

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