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August 28, 2005



Mister Steinberg: I recently mailed to Bolek Wyslouch complement about the date of 1952 concerning the personnal life of my parents related to some very important historical questions in other parts about which the Department of Robert Paxton received equally. You were belonging to Columbia University. This part of French history is not so far from this one of Atomic science since the freedom of Strasbourg in 1945 included the beeing there of the atomic center of Hitler. You perfectly know the complex story of distilbene i talked about in my 400 mails to Bolek Wyslouch and colleagues i supposed. You are one crual person to precise amazing about atomic cobayes. I kept the picture of Sarah Philip were you mentionned with equal cruauté ( i have tested a lot of persons about the traduction, there is no doubt)" She wants down and i kicked her in the ribs". The 4 or 5 men around were closing one circle around this girl in one conference center!
I can't open your links in the blog Atomic boys because of filtrage.. So i can't verify my point of view about your responsability.
Thanks every body for your attention.


Bolek Wyslouch, this week end when i called you to MIT, did i say first for the first time: OK Bolek? beginning the message i let?
I will call you this evening beginnning by turlututu.!!!!!!!!
More seriously, you know perfectly i hate OK, Hello, and so on, it is one old story. Pronto... i would like one time not finding réminiscence on this blog of all i am acting privately.


Réminiscence? I was right! Bolek Wyslouch, i sent on your box scenarios of troubling items in my personnal old family around 1945 in the mail named about the date of 1952.

It was the date of the first trial of the Canon Atomique and i talked about The preliminary of Hiroshima. I talked about.

So i find just beside the picture of the girl wearing my name,Claire, many pictures on your home page at BNL , like me, "Little boy@japan.... you know the coded name of the bomb: Little Boy and the other Fat man.
So your experiments for atomic boys aren't not amazing at all.
ore one coincidence inducing présomption of atteinte à la vie privéee...

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