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August 30, 2005



Mister Steinberg: what is the difference beetwen would be there and were there: It is concernig the past: I have been there: with "LINO" and exactly in the conference center... Curious expressions, everytime, on this blog.
I would like to find here something else than items related to my "private" life.

In France we have one song "Tout ça ne vaut pas le clair de lune à Maubeuge". I transcript to day in this: "Tout ça ne vaut pas le système téléphonique du MIT", specially one number i called yesterday to precise Turlututu (Chapeau pointu). Help, somebody can explain to me the use of 1, 2, 0, etc.. It seems it becomes "xénophobe" not recognyzing the French but i am not sure. One time already, i arrived to the Humanities Department and very " sympathétique " they gave me one another numero in the Physics Department where the properly person was unknown. i hope he is not this one who will get one Nobel Price... But i had one long conference in American, after the person said to me she was unable to speak French, but she DECIDED i was able to understand all: that was not the case..So Bolek Wyslouch, after my last mail about the important question of TIME, i would prefer not hearing: HELLO......HELLO......HELLO..
and then after I UNDERSTAND: What exactly do you understand? I repeat for everybody the question of TIME (and the sou sous you pay to hear: HELLO HELLO HELLO) is important for this year of physics.It is forbidden to ask, to approach or to do anything to obtain from Wyslouch what he understood: I think there is one misunderstanding on the basic subject but as they are so many interpretations, so the phone system of the MIT....HELLO HELLO répondit l'écho. This is ridiculous but it is not one joke.
Ho,i remember: when Charpak received the Nobel, i called the CERN: he was unknown...

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