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September 02, 2005


claire bertiaux

Dear mister Steinberg, when i was in Roma i saw years ago one "manifestation" against the Mafia: Why never one against terrorism.

Georges ( DOUBLE MAchin) do you hear me? If all the peolles were kindly in the street to sqay no to terrorims no matter of army!!!

Never in any country. When i was in Roma another year (For everybody, i have one very long story with Roma, i precise), i saw, not one manifestation, one "présence" : ROMAINS decided the cars were forbidden and they made one one circle on saturday afternoon around each car, kindly.
I think every man should marry one italian girl not to be depressed..Bad joke. You could answer that if you are depressed, she will say not, i don't want to marry you.

Lost the following contents. There is one problem somewhere around CTRL, ALT or Barre d'espacement which is like Lucky Luke, going more quickly than his shadow.

Le Touquet. Nearly 15 heures.

claire bertiaux

So many parasites: it is not normal.

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