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January 17, 2005


Gordon Watts

Yo! The more info you get out the better. But there is the competition to consider, and I'm sure they are watching this blog (they would be crazy not to after this post. :-)). I point this out because several of us proposed a joint workshop on single-top a while back and the upper management in both experiments was quite leary. Z->bb is one of the hot topics this time around (or should be -- imagine what we could do with the b-jet energy scale if we had enough!!) -- and thus I think will be subject to the same sort of... well, you know. :-)

Tommaso Dorigo

Such is my fear to break CDF rules these days, that I actually just went double-checking with the Spokespersons whether they agreed to the picture above being posted here. They did....
Gordon: we can indeed do something with the few thousand Z's in the plot. The graph on the upper right is in fact a fit to the chi2 vs jet energy scale, and it does fit nicely close to one.

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