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January 31, 2005


Maria Gousseva

Americans expose Russian X-ray Girl

11/08/2004 12:23

Natasha Demkina from Russia's Saransk first got popular in London and then disgraced in New York

The world learned about the unique ability of the 17-year-old girl at the beginning of the year. Newspapers reported about the X-ray girl who could see through people like a medical apparatus. Natasha"s talent became evident at the age of 10.

Once the girl suddenly said she saw her mom"s blood running through the veins. However, neither the girl nor her mother got surprised with the incredible talent. Soon, the girl started using medical terms correctly. That was especially astonishing as there were no doctors in the family at all.

Friends of Natasha"s mother became the first patients of the unique girl. A line of patients from different cities of the country lined up near Natasha"s door the year when the girl was leaving school. Natasha X-rayed ten thousand people over the seven years since her talent became evident.

The Russian girl got really popular in January 2004: British journalists brought her to London, and Natasha did successful diagnostics of patients right during a live show on TV. The popular Discover Channel decided to make a film about the unique Russian girl. Natasha Demkina concluded a contract with the TV channel for six months according to which she was prohibited to give interviews to other mass media.

Over the period since that time, Natasha left school with honors. She successfully passed entrance examinations to Moscow"s Semashko State Stomatological University.

Some time ago, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper gathered "X-ray" people from all parts of the CIS for a congress. Unfortunately, Natasha could not come to the congress. But the newspaper staff was surprised to know that the Commission for Paranormal Phenomena in New York discredited the Russian "X-ray" girl. What is more, Britain"s The Guardian called Natasha a quack.

When the Komsomolskaya Pravda journalist met the girl the latter angrily said she was no X-ray. She explains that the X-ray unit seriously differs from her ability: the unit does scanning of the whole organism completely, but Natasha scans every organ separately to see condition of the whole organism. The journalist decided to try Natasha"s ability and asked the girl if she could see anything in her gums. At that, the gums were closed tightly. Both girls fixed their eyes on each other for some seconds and then Natasha pronounced a stunning diagnosis. The X-ray girl managed to see a pin screwed into the tooth canal after nerve extraction a year ago and even a hardening on the inner side of the gum.

Natasha"s family says something incredible happened in New York. At first, Natasha was brought to London where journalists tested her ability. No doctors were present at the examination. Natasha was told to specify diagnoses of patients, from six to eight people; then her predictions were compared with official medical diagnoses of the patients. They coincided absolutely! As a result of the success Natasha soon appeared in a live show where she "X-rayed" patients in front of big audience. And again the girl performed successfully! Unfortunately, there was no scientific confirmation of the phenomenon.

Other Discovery journalists brought Natasha to New York to head of the Commission for Paranormal Phenomena Richard Wiseman. The man once exposed Uri Gellar who amazed the audience when curved iron spoons and stopped the Big Ben just with a glance. Wiseman is a former illusionist, not a scientist and his main objective is to lay bare other people"s tricks.

The Commission organized another even tougher testing. The girl was put to one room with seven patients at once and was to diagnose each of them. But usually Natasha receives one patient at a time for accurate diagnosing. As a result, the examination lasted for several hours. It was too wicked of Wiseman but Natasha could not compare her diagnosing with the official medical certificates after the examination. The examiners alleged that one of the patients had a metal plate in the head and said Natasha did not scan it. Did the guy actually have the plate? Also the girl was told to point at a patient with a scar somewhere on the body. There were two women with identical scars but of different origins: one woman had her appendicitis operated and the other had a scar after a gynecological operation. Still, the Commission insisted the girl must point at only one patient with a scar. Natasha considered the scar caused by a gynecological operation to be more important and thus indicated this very patient to the Commission. But as it turned out, the examiners wanted the Russian prophet to indicate the woman with a scar after an appendicitis operation. So the girl lost a point. One of the Commission members insisted Natasha got SMS from someone who sent her information about the patients. "I have neither friends nor enemies in the USA. Who could send SMS to me?" A psychologist wanted to prove that Natasha could guess diagnoses of patients by their gests and mimicry and even diagnosed patients together with her. As a result, the psychologist got no points while Natasha was given four out of seven points. Unfortunately, the Commission did not recognize Natasha"s phenomenon.

Natasha did not like the film that Discovery Channel made about her. She is extremely displeased with the final phrase in the film saying that the fundamental medicine must go to the dump if Natasha"s phenomenon is officially recognized. So, the Russian girl was in the focus only when experts wanted to expose her unusual ability.

Svetlana Kuzina

Guerman Grachev

Strange egg-shaped skulls uncovered all over the world mystify scientists

10/06/2005 10:05

Archeologists discover strange elongated skulls in different parts of the world

Russian media outlets have recently covered a story about yet another mystery of the ancient period of human civilization, when archaeologists discovered plates with drawings in South America. The plates or the so-called Iki stones are about 70 million years old. The drawings show people with disproportionately large heads. There are skulls of the same shape in the local museums. But archeologists find the elongated skulls in Russia too, in the North Caucasus. The Pyatigorsk museum of regional studies has them on display. Do those skulls have anything in common? And who started "the fashion?"

A hole in the crown of the head

"The Pyatigorsk skull was found at the excavation site of the Khasaot burial ground in the vicinity of Kislovodsk," says Doctor of Historical Sciences Vladimir Kuznetsov, the author of numerous studies of history of the North Caucasus. "The skull is part of culture of the ancient Alani. Approximately, it dates back to the 3rd - 5th centuries A.D. These strange skulls appeared at the same time when the Sarmatian and Alani hordes came around. Some of the nomads moved for the North Caucasus in 15th century."

"Researchers have repeatedly proved that the skulls had been deformed on purpose," says Mr. Kuznetsov. "Ropes or special blocks were tied tightly round the heads of infants, over the temples. The custom went out of fashion by 17th century. The reason behind the deformation phenomenon is still unknown. It is hard to say whether the methods worked effectively or not since nobody ever conducted scientific experiments regarding the binding of the infants' heads.
But "aliens" are not likely to be involved in this case," says the researcher.

Still, it is very strange that the deformed skulls are found in European countries including Norway and France. They are also found in Central Asia, in Central and South America. Taking into account huge distances and oceans separating different nations, how could people pass around the weird fashion?

"The skull exhibited here used to belong to a young woman in her twenties," says senior researcher of the Pyatigorsk museum of regional studies Mikhail Semendyaev. "Its volume is quite regular, about 1.5 liters. By the way, archeologists normally find 2-3 deformed skulls like this one in every hundred of skulls discovered during the excavation," adds Mr. Semendyaev.

Specialists have no explanation for a particular feature of the elongated skulls. If you take a closer look at the skull, you will see a tiny hole on the crown. The edges of the hole are extremely neat and even. Only elongated skulls have tidy holes. Could it be that the holes were used for picking information from space or from the egg-headed colleagues scattered around the world?

They wanted to look like aliens

"I did research on one of those skulls found near the town of Chihuahua in Mexico in the 1930s," says the well-known archeologist Lloyd Pye, the author of the book "Everything You Know is Wrong." When the appearance of the "owner" was restored using Professor Gerasimov"s method, it became obvious that the guy resembled aliens the way they are portrayed by eyewitnesses. I ran a DNA test of his bones in two laboratories. His DNA links in some sections differed from the human ones. The skull should have contained around 2 liter of brain. The skull of present-day man can hold only 1.5 liters of brain," says Mr. Pye.

"Some specimens indicate that the "fashion" for elongated skulls is al least 20 thousand years old. It could have originated earlier on. I can not tell you exactly when. I can only assume that ancient people wanted to imitate somebody else. Maybe they wanted to look like those beings who were more perfect in terms of evolution. They could also imitate the aliens whose skulls probably had different dimensions," says Mr. Pye.

Dmitry Sudakov

Aliens live on Earth, under the ground

09/20/2004 19:43

A lot of respectable scientists and writers believed that Earth is hollow inside

Rumors about underground towns appeared for the first time in 1946. The person to launch the rumors was Richard Shaver - writer, journalist and scientist. His incredible story about contacts with aliens living under the ground was published in Amazing Stories Magazine. Shaver said that he had spent several weeks living under the ground with demon-looking aliens, whose descriptions can be found in ancient legends and fairytales. Almost every nation has a tale of an ancient race, who settled in planet Earth long before humans appeared on it. Those underground creatures are described as inconceivably talented, brilliant and culturally educated - they do not want to have anything in common with humans.

One could refer to the story from the American writer as a fruit of his vivid imagination. However, hundreds of readers responded to the publication. They wrote that they had visited underground cities, talked to their residents and saw unimaginable technical inventions, which guaranteed a comfortable existence in the very depth of the planet. Furthermore, the technologies of underground aliens give them an opportunity to control the minds of humans.

The unbelievable story exerted an immense influence on scientists and gave an incentive to the study of paranormal activities.

English astronomer of the 17th century, Edmund Halley, writers Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe and some others wrote in their works that planet Earth is a hollow sphere. American authorities were preparing a special scientific mission in 18-19 centuries to explore the Earth's hollow depth.

The scientists of the Third Reich were very interested in the mysterious underground world too. A special top secret expedition was organized in 1942. German scientists also hoped to install new radar systems under the ground and draw closer to global reign. Unfortunately, the outcome of the intrigue is not known, but the hypothesis of the underground civilization developed further on during the second half of the 20th century.

In 1963, two American coal miners, David Fellin and Henry Throne, found a large door in a tunnel, behind which they discovered a marble stairway. In England, miners can hear the sounds of mechanical devices under the ground, as they dig a tunnel. An English miner said that they had also found a stairway to an underground well. The sound of machines became more distinct, and the workers fled in fear. When they returned to the tunnel, there were no stairs and no entrance to the well.

An American satellite took very interesting photographs at the end of the 1970s. The photographs were published in many Western scientific magazines: the pictures depicted a dark, regularly shaped spot on the North Pole. The photographs were not defective: similar pictures depicting the same dark spot on the pole were taken several years later.

Anthropologist James McKenna explored an ill-famed cave in the State of Idaho. McKenna and other members of the expedition could hear screams and moans, as they were moving hundreds meters deep into the cave. The researchers found human skeletons soon, but they had to stop their quest: the smell of brimstone was unbearable.

Geologists do not share the theory of the Earth's huge cavity, although they do not exclude a possibility of numerous large hollow spaces in planet's depths. Human life is hardly possible in those cavities: the temperature is too high and there is very little oxygen there. Some researchers believe that the underground civilization might be of an extraterrestrial origin. Aliens were probably tired of people's eternal wars and atrocities, and moved under the ground, from where they comfortably observed the development of the mankind. What if UFOs appear in the sky from under the ground, not from other galaxies? However, if planet Earth is hollow inside, someone should have found the gateway to the underground world long ago. A group of American scientists believes that underground cities exist on Earth in the fourth dimension. When the Earth's electromagnetic field changes from time to time, entrances to the tunnels open, and accidental "visitors" may see the underground cities and their inhabitants.

One of the theories says that many mysterious constructions, like the English Stonehendge for example, were built to designate entrances to underground cities. If there is a reasonable race living under the ground, it would be an explanation to a lot of inexplicable phenomena.

Yevgeny Dmitriyev

Sexual contacts with aliens occur frequently

08/04/2004 18:15

Aliens take samples of semen and ovule from human abductees for their genetic experiments

When the science of ufology appeared, the phenomenon of UFO was associated with green aliens from the deep black space, studying planet Earth with scientific or military purposes. At the end of the 20th century, ufologists started talking about the intention of extraterrestrial beings to obtain the human genetic material.

On October 16th 1957 a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer Antonio Vilas Boas was working on his field, when the engine of his tractor suddenly stopped. In just several minutes the farmer saw a "flying disk" above his head. The spacecraft landed on the field, and Antonio saw three humanoids stepping out. The aliens were approaching the young man. Antonio panicked, he had no idea about the aliens' intention. So made up his mind to fight. The aliens were stronger in number, they dragged the terrified man into their spaceship. They took the farmer's clothes off, tied him up to a metal table and conducted a meticulous medical examination. They apparently found their captive healthy, injected him an unknown substance and left the room. In quite a long time, Antonio recollects, the door opened and he saw a beautiful naked blond. The girl turned the young man on - the farmer was making love to the extraterrestrial female for several hours without saying a word. In one of his interviews to reporters Antonio said: "When she was walking away, she turn around, pointed at her stomach, smiled and pointed up to the sky."

After such a remarkable encounter, Antonio started craving for knowledge. A year later he entered the department of law of the local university, successfully graduated from it and became a brilliant lawyer.

It became known in the 1950s, aliens often visited Earth with matrimonial purposes. Well-known American contactee Howard Menger was one of the few humans, who had a chance to meet an alien female. The 'woman's' name was Marla. She said she was born 500 years ago in the Constellation of Leo. Menger fell deeply in love with the woman from space. He divorced his wife and married Marla. The latter obtained the American citizenship and preferred the comfort of Menger's house to intergalactic flights.

Elizabeth Klarer was one of the first women, who allegedly had a love affair with an extraterrestrial man. In 1956 she fell in love with a 'man' named Akon. The alien took her to his home planet Metok. He seduced the woman there and Elizabeth delivered a boy. After that the alien did not need the woman anymore and he sent her back to Earth. Elizabeth Klarer died in solitude in 1994 in South Africa. She strongly believed her son Ayling remained somewhere in Alpha Centauri.

There are a lot of other examples of intimate relations between terrestrial and extraterrestrial beings. Several years ago the Harward medical school proposed professor John Mack to explore the phenomenon of sexual contacts with aliens. The experienced psychologist was initially rather sceptic about his research, although he came to unbelievable conclusions. The professor studied and analyzed a lot of stories about abductions. He concluded aliens conduct genetic experiments on people. Aliens examine human beings in special labs, take samples of semen from men and samples of ovules from women. Sometimes they put a fertilized ovule in the uterus, and the woman bears the child during the first weeks of its development. Then they take the embryo out and continue maintaining its life. Professor Mack said, aliens showed hybrid babies to their mothers at times. One woman was abducted repeatedly two years after the first abduction. Humanoids showed the abductee her son playing in a special room. The boy did not look like a normal child, but the woman could not help taking care of him. Aliens welcomed the maternal instinct and let the woman stay with her baby for several months.

Modern science does not have any convincing evidence to prove sexual contacts with aliens. Nevertheless, such contacts have been happening for several ages already. Descriptions of them can be found in numerous tales, where people are abducted by fairies, dwarfs, sea monsters, in legends about demonic creatures succubus and incubus and so on and so forth. Nowadays some women say they had been subjected to sexual violence by extraterrestrial beings. A 19-year-old Californian girl gave birth to a blue-skinned and web-footed baby. The girl said she had been gang-raped by web-footed aliens. She claimed nobody believed her story and she had to keep the extraterrestrial child to prove her rightfulness.

Dmitry Sudakov

Israel Occupied by Aliens

Dozens of weird incidents have been reported in Israel since 1993

Residents of the towns of Kadima and Rishon Letzion have reported numerous sightings of UFOs in the spring of 1993. Some people have even claimed that UFOs have landed on their lawns. Circles were found on the landing sites, and ufologists discovered silver-colored metal pieces or an oil-like red in the circles.

Analysis of the substances showed that the silver-colored metal was pure silicon, which does not exist in nature. Cadmium was found in the oil. Often, scientists found strange traces near the landing sites.

That is not all. People say that they saw bald-headed creatures coming out of the flying objects. The creatures were very tall, and they rushed into houses, acting very aggressively.

Hanna Sameh from the settlement of Burgatu (two miles from Kadima) was doing some housework in the kitchen. All of a sudden, she heard her dog barking very loudly. The woman could see the dog in the window, and she did not believe her eyes. The dog was raised in the air; then it flew by the window and slammed into a wall. Hanna opened the door in order to see what was happening outside. When she stepped out of her house, she could not take another step further. She saw a tall, bald man. The man was gazing at her pickup truck. “What have you done to my dog?” – asked the woman. “It was bothering me, as you are now. I can do the same to you; get out of here,” – answered the weird stranger.

Gertzl Kasatini, from a small village near Rishon Letzion, saw a strange flashlight in a window of his house. He opened the door and bumped into tall creatures. They were wearing shiny gray clothes. Their faces were covered with a luminous haze. Kasatini shut the door that instant. He fell seriously ill two days after that. He went through a detailed medical examination, but the doctors did not manage to find the reason for his mysterious illness.

Aliens were seen in the settlement of Moshe Poret, not far from Kadima. They landed there and destroyed all the domestic animals. Memuneh Guet woke up in the middle of the night and found her little dog whining on the floor. The women picked up her dog and saw that someone ripped its eyes out! There was no blood at all. The dog died several minutes later. Then the woman rushed to her barn and found all of her sheep dead. Someone drilled little holes in their heads. The corpses of the sheep did not decay for four months.

During 1995-1996, Israeli drivers were often the victims of aggressive aliens. Doctor Harav bin Bari and his cousin Muamad returing home. Driving along a bridge at night, they saw an odd figure. Something made the men stop the car. A silhouette was approaching. The guys could see that it appeared to be a small white-colored man with large black eyes. When Bin Bari looked into the man’s eyes, he realized that the creature was reading his mind. The doctor could not take his eyes off him for several seconds. A couple of minutes later, the men recovered from the hypnosis and kept on driving.

Dozens of such incidents have been reported in Israel since 1993. There is the impression that aliens have a plan for Israel. However, no one knows the purpose of their activity.

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