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January 10, 2005


Gina LePar

My dear Tommaso!! I am so proud of the fact that you were chosen for this! Everything looks fantastic and I hope you will soon post a photo or two of your vacation. Although I am sad that you will not be here very long, I hope that in the time you are here that we will be able to spend some time together!! (i didnt see that in your naperville itinerary, should i be pissed?) haha! Everything looks great and I will make sure to check back and catch up on things with this weekly. I will finish reading the rest of these things later! P.S. THE TOLLS ARE DOUBLED NOW IN CHICAGO what cost you 80 cents before will now cost you 1.60 although gas prices have come down a bit. sorry for the bad news so grab a bit more than 80 cents hun! :) see you sometime this week. love, Gina

Peter Steinberg

hi tomasso - just replying in kind to your comments on my blog. i'm very impressed how much you've managed to post in such a short time! feel free to ask about J/Psi suppression anytime - i've given some thought to the subject as an outsider (and even posted some of the thoughts to nucl-ex recently!...) - peter

Tommaso Dorigo

Thanks Peter - my question on J/psi suppression is a bit technical but you will soon see it on your blog.

I reply here just to note that 90% of English natives do not appear to be able to spell my name correctly, not even for ready money!

T-O-M-M-A-S-O come on it's not that hard!

The fact that "tomasso" sounds a bit like tom-ass****
does not make things prettier... Darn! :)

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