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January 31, 2005


Elizabeth Clements

Have you ever seen Mr. Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse? It's this classic Carey Grant movie from the 50s. It is the perfect movie to watch whenever you move into a new house and especially when you do any kind of remodeling.


Tommaso Dorigo

I am afraid I haven't... Should I ? If I read between the lines of your comment, maybe I shouldn't! All kinds of scary things may happen when you take down walls and dig floors. Especially in old houses (well, mine is a building built in the twenties).

Jeff Booth

Ciao Tommaso,

I just discovered your blog while watching the Beyond einstein live webcast and really wish I'd found your blog a year a go when it started! I lived in Venice for most of the last few years (I'm American, married to an Italian who teaches at Ca'Foscari) and spetn an inordinate amount of time at Cafe Rosso in C.S. Margherita. Would have really enjoyed meeting another physicist in the neighborhood. PLUS -- I had a visiting researcher position with CISAS through the Astronomy department in Padova, so was there very frequently! I can't believe we didn't meet in a way... Anyway, now we split time between Los Angeles and Venice these days. I'll be back in Venice visiting my wife every few weeks starting in January again (I know, I know... classic 2-Body problem...) Anyway, if you get this message.. forse ci incontriamo per un ombra? ciao

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