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February 27, 2005



Very nice diagram! You might try using complementary colors to represent anti-colors -- green for anti-red, orange for anti-blue, and purple for anti-yellow. Or maybe you could mark anti-color lines by making them dotted instead of solid.

p.s. I've always heard the color charges represented by red, green and blue rather than red, yellow, and blue. Is this just personal preference, or are different colors standard in different countries and institutions?

Tommaso Dorigo

True, I could use complementary colors, but then I think the message would be less easy to grasp.
Dotted lines... Maybe. I think the important thing though is clarity, and sometimes this fights with accuracy. Also, too much information in a graph like that tends to confuse the message.

Thanks for your suggestions though. For a undergrad course I would definitely use complementary colors...

And about colors, I know red green and blue is the common choice, but I prefer red, blue and yellow, since they are the true complementary colors.


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