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February 23, 2005



Just so you know. I love reading your entries, and I think that your explanations are easy to follow.

Tommaso Dorigo

Thanks Helge, I appreciate your feedback! Writing a
blog is a bit like shooting in the dark, and guidance is most welcome.

Tony Sumaryada

your explanation is interesting.
I wrote a small notes on my blog about QCD life
feel free to see at :
I 've picked some words from John Ellis and added my own words

Nice to know you
Tony Sumaryada

Tommaso Dorigo

Thank you Tony. I saw your blog.
Are you into poetry ? You seem to know
about QCD. Are you a particle physicist too ?


Great post, you do very well with explaining things in an easily digestable manner.

Why can't my textbooks be like this?

Tommaso Dorigo

Thanks Mattew.
I try to do my best here... My problem is that without enough feedback I am not sure what would be the appropriate level of detail when I discuss scientific matters...
As for textbooks: I think there is a curse here. If a textbook tries to be FUN, then it's automatically derated and goes to the dust bin. Ever read "The name of the rose" by Umberto Eco ? In it, a book by Aristotheles about humor is poisoned by an integralist monk who runs the library, in order to kill anybody who reads it (they used to lip their fingertips when turning the hefty pages - the setting is the Dark Ages, when only a few copies of each book were available). The reason of poisoning the book is the fear that people would learn to have FUN of sacred things, thus degrading them from their divine status.

I think you're right. Textbooks should entertain!


Well, I tend to enjoy a decent bit of detail, but presented thoughtfully. I am also a Physics student, so my opinion might differ from that of a English major.

Haven't read the book, but it does sound pretty interesting. I think the overall academic environment could be greatly improved by a little levity. A serious text book is fine, but a break from it is always welcome. Not to mention humor is a great stress reliever.

Of course, some people like to be stuffy and serious ;)


that was definitely very interesting! as usual, i have a doubt! if you actually add more energy in the gluon string, will it reach a saturation point after which it will emit the quark. this is proof that even idiots read your work and try to be the next einstein! thanks.

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