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March 31, 2005



Bwahaha! too true :)

Before I got my latest email address I used to get messages with things like this in the subject line:

"Claire, enlarge your penis!"

umm.... riiiiiiiight

little miss demosthenes


that's whats in *my* spam filter. most of those messages are very boring, not funny, like yours. strange, no sex-selling scammers have gotten hold of my email. maybe they KNOW im 14 and i dont need breast implants, nor do i have a penis. or maybe they dont think someone with a name like "liquid.nitrogen" would be interested in boosting her sexual self-esteem with artificial means. whatever.


I get a lot of Hebrew spam. Korean and German, too. I don't speak any of these languages, so it's hard to tell exactly what I'm being spammed about, but I swear one of the Hebrew ones was trying to sell me industrial machine tools.

After I read this post, I decided to go through my spambox and see what kind of spam I'd been recieving lately. Disturbingly, between a bogus life insurance offer ("All Smokers may qualify for special reduced smoker rates!") and a mortgage payment reduction scam, I found a legitimate e-mail from a college I'd applied to. Thank you, Tommaso, for saving my academic career. :)

"Before I got my latest email address I used to get messages with things like this in the subject line:

'Claire, enlarge your penis!'"

They called you by your first name, but something told you they didn't really know you... ;)

Tommaso Dorigo

Hi Aaron,

I also find that spam filters sometimes discard stuff that should make it to the mailbox. But it is just so boring and time consuming to check the discarded messages regularly, that we have to think at it as some sort of calculated risk our job entails... Losing an email is mostly innocuous but in very specific cases can be destructive!



My supervisor just has "Apologies for lost mails - Strict unwanted mail filtering in effect" in his signature. It's just something you learn to live with, I guess.

Gordon Stangler

If you get a chance, check out GMail. I have had it almost since it's inseption, and I can count on one hand the number of spam I have gotten.

BTW: My other accounts fill up with "FREE MORGAGE", or some misspelt variation of "Viagra Cheap", amongst other junk.

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