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May 11, 2005



Wait a minute...
Has anybody here actually really met Little Miss Demosthenes? I have a theory that she's really an MIT mathematics professor and she has elegantly pulled the wool over all of our eyes. OK, maybe not.

But I have a feeling that we're all going to be working for Demie some day.

Alejandro Rivero

The nickname, almost obviously, points to the secret personalities held by the sister and brother of Ender, the protagonist of Orson Scott Card saga.


From my side: Just congratulations young miss.

Tommaso Dorigo

Nope, Sam. She's real. At least, that I infer
from the email exchanges with her and the fact
that she visited Fermilab with her father a
month ago. Admittedly, I did not meet her, and
she could -just could- still be a fake. But I
tend to believe it would be too much work for her
to be worth the fun.
If she's a MIT professor, well, then even better,
I'll get to know a nice one for a change ;-)

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